La Liga was introduced in the football world with a view to hosting 20 best teams in the Spanish
yard but ever since his introduction in 1997, only four teams were able to get a hold on the cup
as well as made an impactful fan-base. Barcelona and Real Madrid have together won 13 titles
so far whereas Atletico Madrid and Valencia are amongst those who pulled off well but
managed to get into the top four.

In the past 15 years, none of the underrated team has made it to the top four. Although the
question arises of having a good performance, indeed, so what’s stopping these underrated
teams to rise? Proper coaching? Lack of enthusiasm? Unstable fanbase? There’s no point of
adding a question mark because of all these factors have affected the growth of the rest of the
teams. You won’t see the likes of Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola or Santiago Solari coaching
the likes of Levante UD, Celta de Vigo or Deportivo Alaves and many more. These teams
definitely require a caretaker that not enhance their skills but also hold the mannerism of
dressing room.

However, La Liga has found ways of branding itself beyond Barcelona and Real Madrid. One
of them recently introduced was a La Liga’s global domination campaign which somewhere
makes the league equivalent to the Premier League. This global domination from La Liga
garnered enough spotlight right after India expansion strategy. Now football fans from all over
Asia can watch El’ Classico live as it has been given an afternoon slot. This global expansion
will allow La Liga to spread its wings and allow regular season matches to be played in India,
USA, Mexico and China. This is yet another step to increase the global viewership which currently stands at 15 million.

Advantage? A widespread fanbase with the help of technology that would not only support
titan-like teams but also purge the underrated teams to garner much needed appreciation.