After downloading the Fantasy Cricket gaming app, are you facing constant loss? Do you regret downloading the app? If you plan to uninstall the app, stop and think. We have some winning tips that can help you to turn the game in your favor. So, do you want to know these tips? Then, start following this blog and read until the end.

About Fantasy Cricket Game

Are you a newbie in this field? Do you want to know more about this game? Here are some points that will clear your concept.

Fantasy Cricket is a well-known online game consisting of virtual teams based on the performance of real-life cricket teams. In Fantasy Cricket, you must create a virtual team within the set budget. 

You score points based on the player’s performance in real cricket matches. Batters earn points for each run they score and additional points for milestones like half century & centuries. 

On the other hand, bowlers earn for every wicket they take. Moreover, you also score points for maintaining a low economy rate, and wicketkeepers contribute by stumping. 

It is a skill-based game where you must use your cricket knowledge and intuition to score points. The interactive experience that this game provides makes it popular among cricket enthusiasts across the globe.

You can earn a significant amount of money playing Fantasy Cricket if you have good knowledge & skills for playing cricket. To win the game, you must know about cricket and the player’s current performance, team performance & pitch condition. 

You must develop a proper strategy based on your knowledge of this game to win the matches. Unless you have a winning strategy, it is challenging enough to win much in fantasy cricket.

Why Fantasy Cricket Is Gaining So Much Popularity?

The thrill & Entertainment provided by Fantasy Cricket is stimulating players towards it. Fantasy Cricket fascinates cricket fans as it involves them thinking strategically and improves their knowledge base. There has been increased popularity of Fantasy cricket in tournaments.

Because of these big famous tournaments, this online gaming format called fantasy cricket has gained more visibility and popularity in the market.

Tons of rewards & recognition provided by fantasy cricket motivate the players and keep them actively engaged in these online Fantasy cricket platforms. Fantasy cricket allows cricket lovers to enjoy the sport in the comfort of their homes.

Fantasy Cricket is gaining massive popularity in India because this game, as a sport, has a huge fan following in India. Cricket is the most-watched sport in the country. It keeps cricket lovers engaged as it helps them to earn real money by utilizing their understanding of the game. 

Fantasy cricket also develops social connections among players all around the globe. The association of cricket stars has also contributed to the popularity of fantasy cricket in India.

Now Let’s Check The Fantasy Cricket Winning Tips!

So, your money is at stake because you are losing your Fantasy Cricket matches? Are you relying on your luck here? Please don’t do that. Instead, learn some handy tips to win your matches. Here are some essential fantasy cricket tips to help you design the perfect team and win matches.

  • Choose A Consistent Performer

It is crucial to analyze the match statistics properly and select the perfect team members for the game to win in the Fantasy Cricket game. Check that players are consistent in recent matches. Only a consistent performer can ensure you a win in the game. 

So, keeping track of the current cricket news is also crucial. Keeping up to date on cricket news also keeps you aware of players’ injuries, which will affect their performance.

  • Know The Pitch

You may have seen commentators giving you a weather and pitch report before the match. Why do you think they do that? To ensure to whom the pitch and the weather will favor. 

It tells us whether the ball will swing more on the pitch or whether the dew factor will affect the game. So, before choosing your playing eleven, it is also necessary to investigate the weather and pitch report aptly. 

  • Selection of Top Order Batter. 

As the top-order batter has the opportunity to face the most deliveries, they should be selected very carefully because they can set the tone of the match. Track the player’s performance closely enough and choose the best one for this position. It will give you a winning advantage.

  • Next, Come The All-rounders And The Strike Bowlers. 

There should be at least 2 or 3 good all-rounders. Creating a balanced team from different positions is vital. To create a balanced team, you need to observe the current forms of the players. Based on that, you must rationally decide and choose your team. 

  • Select Bowlers With Low Economy Rate!

Selecting wicket-taking bowlers also plays a significant role, as the points for a wicket are much more than runs scored. Check the strike rate for batters and economy rates for bowlers before the squad selection.

  • Choose A Wicketkeeper With Batting Skills!

Opt for such a wicketkeeper who is a skilled batter. Identifying the undervalued players and utilizing them can prove beneficial in the competition. There should be the right mix of Star Players & budding talent. Carefully monitoring the performance of top-ranked players is crucial for enhancing the squad selections.

  • Rationally Choose Your Captain and Vice-captain. 

Tactfully select your captain because the captain gets double the points, and the vice-captain gets 1.5 times compared to other players. You need to check the recent performance of the players before choosing the captain or vice-captain. Because based on their performance on the field, you get to earn fantasy points.

  • Learn The Rules

You must understand the game-specific rules and scoring system to earn money while playing fantasy leagues. If you can grasp the rules once, you can strategize better and gain more while winning your game.

  • Customize Teams Based On The Game’s Format

Sometimes, players who play the best in test cricket may fail badly enough in the T-20 format. So, creating customized teams for each format is a wise decision. By selecting multiple teams customized to each format, you can increase your chances of winning across different formats, such as test matches, day internationals, and T20 matches. 

  • Refer Your Friend And Earn Lucrative Prizes!

Now that you know the tips to win the Fantasy Cricket game, we hope you will not lose money in this game. What say?

Conclusion: The Final Words Before The Closure!

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For those who are addicted to cricket, it gives them the chance to play the game as well as earn real money and bonuses simultaneously. Thus, it is no wonder that Fantasy cricket has gained massive popularity all over the World. After all, it is the best place to enjoy your fandom and utilize your cricketing knowledge to earn some easy bucks.