Smriti Mandhana’s photoshopped image with fairer skin & applied lipstick has caused an outrage in the cricketing community online. And it has once again sparked a debate about the bias about fair skin & expected beauty standards from Indian women in public life.

Smriti who has risen to fame from this past year based on her batting performances has become an inspiration for young girls aspiring to be cricketers. She was awarded ‘Best Women’s International Cricketer’ by the BCCI due to her exploits. And Mandhana has been playing a pivotal role in the ongoing series in the West Indies. But controversy has erupted & the player in question has got nothing to do in it.

Chethana, a Twitter user pointed out that when she googled Smriti Mandhana she saw an image of her with fairer toned skin & lipstick which was clearly photoshopped. The original picture which was taken from a press conference is also widely available online. And her tweet spread like wildfire with several other netizens commenting on it to display vent their anger.

While Smriti herself may not be concerned about this fiasco, the fans are definitely standing up for what is right. And it is about time steps are taken towards changing the collective mentality of the society. What are your thoughts on this issue? Tell us in the comments section.