An Indian bowler has sparked a worldwide debate with his unique style of bowling which was performed in a domestic competition for India’s state teams. The U-23 left-arm spinner, Shiva Singh with his 360- degree bowling spin has sent the cricketing world crazy.

He played for Uttar Pradesh against Bengal in the CK Nayudu Trophy, for the four days under-23 domestic tournament.   During the Bengal’s second innings, the member of India’s victorious U-19 World Cup team jogged in and completed a 360-degree turn before delivering the ball.

Interestingly the umpires, Vinod Seshan and Ravi Shankar dismissed it as a dead ball to the bemusement of Shiva and the UP fielders.

Shiva had commented later that it was not the first time he did a 360-degree bowling style but it is definitely the first time it was called a dead ball.

“I delivered this 360-degree ball against Kerala in the Vijay Hazare trophy as well, where it was fine. Batsmen always go for the reverse-sweep or the switch-hit against bowlers. But when bowlers do something like this it’s deemed a dead ball”, Shiva was quoted saying to press.