Ludo game has a new world champion—Uganda. The Uganda Ludo team is named ‘The Doves,’ which created history after becoming the 2022 Ludo World Champions by winning the International Ludo Federation-organized tournament. This tournament was for two days, and it started with 12 nations, of which Nepal, Pakistan, Uganda, and Bangladesh reached the semi-finals, which took place in Dubai. 

In the semi-finals, Uganda defeated Nepal with a score of 3-1. In the finals, Uganda defeated Pakistan with a score of 4-0. It is important to note that Uganda became the 1st African country to win the World Ludo Championship. Previously, Brazil and India were the dominant winners.  

The Proud President Hussein Kalule

Hussein Kalule, the President of Uganda Ludo Federation, was proud of his players, who had practiced playing the Ludo game under pressure, which helped them win over all the opponents. He added that Uganda can host International Ludo tournaments like the World Cup if their government provides the funding. 

Kalule also thinks of introducing the Ludo game in schools in Uganda in 2023, which will make the game more popular among youths and inspire them to play. He promised to encourage women players, too. For him, the Ludo game is not a game of chance. Instead, quick and perfect mathematical skills are needed to win this game. So, from the time of schools only, kids should receive training. 

 According to the 2023 International Ludo Federation rankings, World Champion Uganda tops the list with 105 points after giving exciting performances for three years (2020-2022), beating India with 90 points and Brazil with 88 points. The parameters upon which the ranking is based are – Domestic leagues, national leadership, participation in rated tournaments, performance in rated tournaments, international leadership, etc. The winnings of Uganda are – the 2020 Africa Ludo Club Championship, the 2021 Africa Ludo Cup of Nations, and the 2022 World Ludo Championship, where they were debutants. 

Uganda May Have Won the Championship, The Origin Lies Here in India!

Undoubtedly, the Ludo game is one of the most popular board games, played in almost every household in India. Many people say that the Ludo game is the simple version of the tricky bygone game of Pachisi. There are also several facts and figures supporting it. However, this game is more than that. It is an emotion in India. Every Indian has several childhood memories associated with this Ludo game

The immense popularity of the Ludo game has led to the rise of online Ludo-playing platforms. This change brought our favorite Ludo game from the boards to our fingertips. The 1st step is to play the Ludo game download to play Ludo online. The biggest advantage of playing Ludo online is that you can play with random players without waiting for a partner, and that, too, at your convenience. 

Play Championships and Tournaments Online!

Like the board game, Ludo online can be played with two players minimum, each having four tokens and a single dice is shared. The main objective is to roll the dice and move your tokens strategically from the start area to reach the home of your respective color with all your tokens before your opponent. 

In the process, ways can get obstructed, and each other’s tokens can get cut to slow the game’s pace. It is the most exciting element of the Ludo game that you can enjoy with family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers through an online gaming platform. The rise of online Ludo has made this game more popular in the gaming market, making it the perfect solution for people’s leisure time. Also, the Ludo game enhances strategic and observational skills. Not just that. You can even win lucrative cash prizes here! 

How to play the Online Ludo game?

You know that nowadays, you play championships and tournaments online and earn lucrative prizes. But how do you play them? Here is a step-by-step guide for you:

  • When the game starts, all tokens begin their journey on the board, and players can release any token. But no tokens can get released without rolling a 6. 
  • The tokens should be moved cautiously by the player within a limited period so that they reach the home area fast without getting intercepted by the opponent’s tokens. 
  • The value of your dice roll must equal the number of spaces your tokens can move. 
  • Tokens can move only in a clockwise direction and can’t be moved backward. 
  • If you can eliminate the opponent’s token by landing on the same cell as the opponent’s token, you can get an extra turn for the dice roll. 
  • There are eight safe points on the board that you can cleverly utilize to keep your tokens secure. Also, you cannot kill the opponent’s token if it lies in the safe zone. 
  • You always get an extra turn whenever your dice value is six, and yes, a maximum of two consecutive 6s are allowed in the Ludo game
  • For each cell moved by your token, you will get 1 point. But if your token gets eliminated by the opponent, all the points accumulated by that token will get lost. 
  • You will not get extra points for eliminating the opponent’s token. 
  • You can score 56 points for the 56 cells moved by every token to reach home. 
  • You can see the live scores of all the players playing the game on the screen. 
  • How many moves are left for the player will be shown on the screen. 
  • You can also check the number of moves missed by the player on your screen. 
  • At the end of the game, the player with the highest scores wins. 
  • Per the rule, players must play the game fairly and impartially without using unfair means or cheating. 
  • For a smooth gaming experience, you should always choose safe and secure gaming platforms. 
  • The online Ludo gaming platforms also conduct various tournaments by which you can win real cash prizes. 

Tips and tricks to Win the Ludo game Like a Champion

You may not have been a Ludo Champion yet, but it will never be too late for you to become one. How? We have some tips and tricks to help you ace the Ludo game. Let’s have a look at those:

  1. Whenever your dice hit a 6, do open all your tokens. It will make your progress in the game smooth. Moreover, it will help in crafting better strategies to win the game.

  2. Do not focus on only one token. Run all your tokens simultaneously. This way, you will have tokens posted in every position from where you can block and capture the opponent’s token. It will increase your chance of winning.

  3. If you find difficulty in capturing the opponent’s token, try to block their paths so they cannot progress. Sometimes, it depends on luck to get the correct dice value to capture the opponent’s token.

  4. First, secure your tokens from the opponent’s capture to win the game. Keep an eye on all your tokens on the board to progress strategically. 

So, now that you know how to be a champion and the tricks and tips behind it, you may start dreaming about holding India’s flag up in the sky in the future World Ludo Championship.