India is a nation whose heart is captivated by sports, especially ones involving strength and strategy. No wonder Kabaddi has the power to unite Indians from  Mumbai’s bustling streets to Haryana’s villages. Kabaddi will keep your heart racing until the very end. You will hear loud cheers celebrating the Kabbadi legends and team spirit. 

Kabaddi is a face-off game between two teams of seven players, and each team occupies half of the court. The players need to raid their opponent while trying not to be tackled by the defenders of the opponent team. 

The Indian Kabaddi team has a huge fan base for their talented defenders, raiders, and all-rounders. Their expertise, techniques, and determined sportsmanship have shaped the current Indian kabaddi game scenario. This article talks about some top Kabaddi players who have redefined the athleticism and spirit of Kabaddi.

Kabbadi Legends Redefining the Game

    • Anup K.
      The captain of the Indian team is known for his unmatched raiding abilities, strategies, and scoring bonus points. Besides playing for Mumbai and Jaipur in regional-level games, he has also led the team in international games. Anup K. has also bagged several national and International awards. Kabaddi fans will remember his breathtaking performance in Guangzhou in 2010 and Incheon in 2014.
    • A.Thakur
      Thakur is a legendary player and captain of the Indian Team who is celebrated for his spirited raids. During high-voltage games and critical situations, he can carry the team single-handedly. His spectacular performances in Jakarta (2018) and India (2016) will remain in the minds of the Kabaddi-enthusiasts. He is also a terror to the defenders of the opponent team; after all, it’s not easy to avoid the frog jump he uses to tag the defenders!
    • M. Chillar
      He is another name for versatility, and his expertise as an all-rounder has been an asset to the Indian team. His tackling skills have helped him cement the status of one of the best defenders of the Indian Team. Besides delivering top-class performance in regional games, he is also a part of the gold-winning Indian team. After making his professional debut in 2010, he has bagged several gold medals in national and international games.
    • S. Nada
      It is his strength or ability that snatches the attention of the viewers. His impressive defending techniques, especially his ankle hold, are often a topic of hot discussion among his admirers. Besides being a part of the gold-winning India team, he performed incredibly in Dubai, which helped him snatch the spotlight. In the history of the Indian Kabaddi League, Nada is considered one of the most successful defenders.
    • Nitin T.
      The young Kabaddi player has already secured a place for himself in the hearts of Indian Kabaddi fans. His speed and precision in hand touch, toe touch, dubki, and kicks have made him an expert raider. He was a part of the Kabbadi team during the 2016 World Cup. This player is also known for his fitness and agile movements.
    • Gurupreet S.
      The “wall” of the Indian kabaddi team is known for his powerful defending skills. Besides playing for Bengaluru and Pune at the regional level, he also represented India in International Kabaddi games. The right-corner defender is best known for his timely blocks and sturdy waist pulls. Due to his unmatched skills, he has cemented his position as a dependable coach for the Pune team, playing in national-level games.
    • M. Singh
      Singh is a known face of the Indian Kabaddi circuit and has 15-20 years of association with the sport. He debuted in the Indian team in 2000, and after staying inactive in Kabaddi for a while, he made a comeback during the Indian Kabaddi league. The former captain of the Patna team is also the man behind the meteoritic rise of the Gujarat team in Indian Kabaddi games. He retired from professional kabaddi in 2015 and turned into a coach. His total raids are 107, with raid points of 24. He was not only a part of the Indian team that represented India in several prestigious international tournaments, but he also won a gold medal in 2007.
    • Rakesh K.
      The legend of Indian kabaddi has played for Mumbai, Patna, and Telangana in different seasons of domestic leagues. He was a part of multiple international Kabaddi tournaments with phenomenal achievement as an all-rounder. Debuting in the national team in 2003, he scored 186 raid points and 74 tackle points. Rakesh K. was also a part of the gold-winning India team.
    • J. Kumble
      The former Indian Kabaddi player is a favorite of many Kabaddi fans after his contribution to the Indian Kabaddi. He played for the Jaipur team in the Indian Kabaddi league for the first few seasons. Kumble was a part of the gold-winning Indian team in Busan. Besides enriching the Indian team with his experience and skills, he is also working for the growth of the Bengal team as a coach. He is the pride of Kerala as he is the only Kabaddi player from Kerala to win the gold medal. Presently, this legendary player of the Indian Kabaddi team runs a Kabaddi academy in Kerala.
    • Jeeva K.
      Today’s aspiring Kabaddi players admire Jeeva’s patience and expertise. The Cover Defender is often praised for his skills and strategic movements. Jeeva K. is from Tamil Nadu and was also a part of his state team. He played for the Indian team in national and International Kabaddi games as a super tackle specialist. In 2010, he bagged a gold medal as a part of the Indian team in Guangzhou. The leading defender of the Indian team is best known for his power-packed dashes. The player-turned-coach is currently associated with the team Mumbai, which he was also a part of as a player.