Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes team arranged to send a Formula 1 car to the cancer-stricken boy who inspired Hamilton’s Spanish Grand Prix triumph.

His victory in Barcelona was dedicated to a five-year-old from Surrey who is set to lose his battle against a rare disease and his team parked one of its Formula One cars outside Harry Shaw’s house in Redhill on Monday.

The boy, who was seen outside for the first time in three weeks, was then shown around Hamilton’s car by a Mercedes employee.

Harry was also presented with Hamilton’s winning trophy from the race in Barcelona and a pair of his racing gloves. He also recorded a video message of support for him to watch.

“I cannot describe how much it means to us all that Lewis won the race for Harry and then dedicated it to Harry too,” the boy’s father James Shaw said.

“Harry couldn’t believe that Lewis Hamilton was talking about him and now he thinks that Lewis is his absolute best friend which is amazing for a 5-year-old boy.

“Harry loves cars and although he is frail, he was asking about the exhaust pipe.

“Mercedes have taken us to a much better place in a dark time.”