The Motera stadium in Ahmedabad will soon become the world’s largest cricket stadium. It is being renovated at the moment and its seating capacity is set to increase over 1 lakh from the existing 49,000. The stadium is being redeveloped across a massive 63 acres under the architect firm M/s Populous.

The cost of the project has been estimated to be a massive Rs 700 crore and the construction tender has been given to L&T. The stadium will include as many three practice grounds and an indoor cricket academy for the budding cricketers as well. While the stadium is set to accommodate so many spectators, the parking facility will also be taken care of.

As per a report, the parking area will be shelter to as many as 3,000 cars and 10,000 two-wheelers. Gujarat Cricket Association Vice-President Parimal Nathwani posted the under-construction images of the stadium and also termed that once completed, the stadium will become the pride of the country. Moreover, it has also been reported that the renewed Motera stadium in Ahmedabad will have 76 corporate boxes. Parimal Nathwani also went on to inform that the stadium will be connected with an open space for the vehicular movement and the walkers.

“There will be a concourse to connect the entire stadium for pedestrian and vehicular movement. Moreover, the clubhouse will be equipped with 55 rooms and an Olympic size swimming pool,” Nathwani was quoted as saying by The Hindu.

Though it is still known as to when the renovation will be completed, India will surely own the rights of having the biggest cricket stadium in the world in the near future going past the Melbourne Cricket Stadium (MCG) in Australia.