The coolest captain of Indian cricket team- Mahendra Singh Dhoni will always remain as the leader even though he is not India’s current captain. Some acquire leadership skills but some others are born as leaders and there is no doubt that MSD falls into the second category.

He is often praised for the ability to keep down the barrier between senior players and juniors. What Dhoni said to Rohit Sharma after the Asia Cup victory at UAE won the hearts of many and turn social media upside down.

The scenes of celebration after India won the title saw the youngest player of the team, Khaleel Ahmed take the center stage holding the trophy in his hand which made this event a memorable experience for him. “Dhoni Bhai asked Rohit to let me hold the trophy on the dais because I was the youngest player and this was my debut”, Khaleel said to the media.

This was just one gesture among many others where Dhoni was often seen encouraging the youngsters and newcomers on the field. That is exactly the reason why every youngster looks up to him with awe and respect.

MS Dhoni is truly the leader who empowers the teammates to achieve new heights and respected by Indians.