“Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi . . .” Does this chant start speeding your heartbeat whenever you hear it? Among the crazy cricket and football fanatics, are you cutting the pictures of your favorite Kabaddi player from the newspaper or making your favorite Kabaddi player your phone’s wallpaper?

Well, then, you will enjoy reading this blog. After all, we will discuss those Kabaddi players who have left their mark in the Indian Kabaddi League. Know your favorite Kabaddi player in a better way.
Top Indian Kabaddi Players to Watch in the Indian Kabaddi League 23 season.

Maninder S. for Kolkata:
Known as Mighty Mani, this kabaddi player is the captain and the lead raider for the Kolkata team. He is also a part of the Indian National Kabaddi Team. Being considered the best raiders in the team’s history also helped the team to secure a gold medal.
Maninder is also the fastest raider to have scored such a high point in any competition. Maninder scored the most raid points of his career, 20 points, in the ninth season of the Indian Kabaddi League.
Experts believe he is working hard to make an even better comeback for the 10th season of the Indian Kabaddi League. Since he is one of the most anticipated players of this season, we expect a lot from him.

Naveen K. for Delhi:
Fast and Furious Naveen K. is known for his consistency. He has helped India on many occasions, including securing the first prize and taking the gold medal home. He is famous among kabaddi lovers for his speedy raiding techniques.
Naveen has never disappointed his team and has always given his best. Thus, we can look forward to even better performances from this young player this season. This season, Delhi has him, and now Delhi fans are all eager to watch him play for the team and bring more wins to their chart!

Pardeep N. for UP:
Kabaddi experts are all praising Pardeep N. for his skill and talent. He plays for the UP team and is a part of the Indian National Kabaddi Team. This 26-year-old kabaddi player has numerous raiding records and is also considered the best raider in the history of Indian kabaddi.
He is also a great player who helped the Kabaddi team of Patna to secure multiple titles. He got fame and recognition for most super raids and touchpoints in a single raid. His career is nothing but impressive.

Pawan S. for Hyderabad:
Only Pawan S. can do justice to the nickname Hi-flyer. No wonder he is the most expensive kabaddi player in the history of kabaddi. He has played for Bengaluru, Gujrat, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Vishakapatnam.
He has secured awards and titles like the most valuable player and most raid points. Even though he suffered from a knee injury at one point in his career, it did not stop him from returning with even more impressive skills.

Rahul C. for Jaipur:
Even though Rahul C. started his career as a defender and did quite well in that position, it was clear that he had become a phenomenal raider at some point in time. He has scored 500, 700, and 900 raid points in the Indian Kabaddi League.
In 2020, he also became the brand ambassador of the Uttar Pradesh dairy department. Throughout his career, he has played for teams like Hyderabad and Chennai. He has earned the nickname the Raid Machine, and rightfully so because he owns that name.

Ankush R. for Jaipur:
Ankush has been one of the top players, performing well in the ninth season of the Indian Kabaddi League. Due to this, we predict he will make an even better impression this year. He was also given the title of the best defender in the previous season. As someone deemed to make an excellent impact, Jaipur’s Ankush is someone to look forward to for all the Kabaddi fans.

Narender K. for Chennai:
Another player fans are waiting to watch is Chennai’s Narender K. Though a comparatively new name in the Indian Kabaddi League, Narender K. has made a great impression on kabaddi lovers. He was named best debut raider with an impressive raider point. So, all are eager to see what more he offers this season.
Whom Will You Miss this Season?

Even after being an all-rounder and popular among kabaddi enthusiasts, Deepak H. will be missed this year as he remains unsold for the auction. He is one of the best all-rounders in the history of the Indian Kabaddi League. He played for the Haryana team during his initial stage and successfully won a gold. In the inaugural season of the Indian Kabaddi League, he was the second most expensive player, and for good reason.
However, fans will not be able to see him perform this season because he has remained unsold for the 10th season of the Indian Kabaddi League. He had been a top all-rounder of all seasons. Thus, his absence in this season was a shock for many.

Conclusion: The Final Words Before the Wrap!
We earnestly hope many more talented and skilled Kabaddi players emerge through the Indian Kabaddi League. As we can see, the Indian Kabaddi League is already garnering a lot of attention.
Thanks to these skilled Kabaddi players, we can now say that the future of Indian Kabaddi seems quite promising. So, let’s encourage our Indian Kabaddi team and support them for more fun and entertainment. After all, none can match the thrill of the age-old chant, “Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi . . .”