Patna will go up against Mumbai in the second match of the Pro Kabaddi League 2018 tonight. Patna was off an exhaustive win against Jaipur and will hope to get a win tonight too. Mumbai too will need to beat Patna and set their position in the Zone A table and take the best spot from current first-put, the Pune team. Mumbai steam rolled Andhra 41-20 with a super execution from Siddharth Desai while Patna cleared past the Jaipur team easily. Patna is in the second place in Zone B with 3 wins from 5 matches.

The Patna team came into their leg with their battling defense and ward attacking division. Pardeep Narwal was splendid in his last match, scoring 11 points and will hope to proceed with his spectacular shape in the following match. His 2 Super Raids in the principal half helped Patna take control of the match. Manjeet capably upheld Pardeep and scored 10 points. The defensive unit of Patna had their issue coming into the game and it reacted splendidly by scoring 14 tackle points. The seven days break appears to have functioned admirably as Patna was protectively stable. They were effectively ready to win this match, thanks to the 5 points from Jaideep in the left corner, and Vikas Kale too was fantastic in the left cover with 5 points. Jawahar Dagar contributed with 2 points. Vikas Jaglan should hope to improve and will in all probability be replaced by Manish. The defense will hope to proceed with their incredible shape in the following match.

Mumbai has been explicit at both attacking and defending divisions working great. Siddharth Desai has just been exceptional and the Mumbai management will be excited to see that their goal-oriented purchase from the bartering has satisfied. He has amassed 83 points from 6 matches at a rate of 13.64 points for every match with 84.30% not-out rate, which is momentous for him. He additionally has 5 Super 10s from 6 matches and 4 Super Raids to his name. Rohit Baliyan and Abhishek Singh have been normal, scoring 25 and 23 individually while Abolfazl Maghsoudlou has had an awful start this season scoring only 5 points from 3 matches. Protectively, Captain Fazel Atrachali has taken full control of the proceedings and has struck fear into the hearts of opponent raiders. He has scored 23 points from 6 matches with a normal of 3.82 points for every match with a tackle achievement rate of 67%, which he should be glad about.

Alternate defenders have not fared too well with Dharmaraj Cheralathan in the right corner and Surender Singh in the right cover scoring 12 points from 6 matches. Rohit Rana’s arrival to form is something to be thankful for Mumbai and he will hope to bond his place in the left or right cover.

Both Patna and Mumbai will search for a win and it will be no simple errand for Patna to beat the in-shape Mumbai team and Siddharth Desai will hope to proceed with his huge scoring binge and will endeavor to break the Patna defense which has been unbalanced. Pardeep Narwal will hope to score points expansively and also remain on court for an extended stretch of time and will be careful about the risky Fazel Atrachali.

Tentative 7 players aligned for each team

Patna Team: (Captain) Pardeep Narwal, Deepak Narwal, Manjeet, Vikas Kale, Jawahar Dagar, Vijay, Jaideep

Mumbai Team: (Captain) Fazel Atrachali, Rohit Baliyan, Darshan Kadian, Siddharth Desai, Surender Singh, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Rohit Rana/Vinod Kumar



Siddharth Desai, Pardeep Narwal and Manjeet

Pardeep Narwal has maintained his consistency and will be hoped to showcase the same vigor in the evening’s face off and Manjeet’s presence in the match will be instrumental in adding some more points. Desai, who has evolved as one of the best raiders in this season, should be explicit in his division in tonight’s match too.


Jaideep and Surender Singh

Surender Singh is a complete defender and will be expected to put his action in favor of the Mumbaikars in tonight’s match. Jaideep, the left corner defender for Patna should take over his opponents defensively in tonight’s match knowing that he was the top defender in the last season scoring 71 points independently.

All Rounders

Vijay and Vinod Kumar (if allowed to play)

Vinod has shown a brilliant performance and will be expected to show the same stable performance if he is included in tonight’s play. Vijay, although had a hard time, he has done fairly well and would be expected to do well in tonight’s match too on behalf of Patna.

Match Prediction – Patna vs Mumbai

Mumbai is in line with our prediction of being the evening match’s winner.