Patna will play against the Telugu team in a Zone B match tonight. Patna has had a terrible beginning at their home leg until now, with just 1 win and 2 losses. They lost to a lively Haryana who played without their star raider Monu Goyat and is in the third position in the points table.

On the other side, the Telugu team comes back to action following a seven days break after a 41-20 drubbing by Mumbai and will hope to light up back with this match. They are in the third position in the Zone B points table.
Pardeep has been Patna’s best entertainer in their striking office scoring 43 points of every 3 matches in their home leg. Manjeet who supported him in the match against Jaipur was poor in the following 2 games scoring just 1 point from 13 attacks. Deepak Narwal ended up on the seat once more without any effect. Vijay demonstrated some obstruction and scored 7 points and upheld his Captain.

Patna began their home leg on a positive note and scored 14 tackle points which were a big help to the Patna fans. Be that as it may, they have just 17 points from 2 matches from that point forward and Jaideep has been their solitary predictable scorer scoring 14 out of every 3 matches in their home leg and has been their only crusader. Vikas Kale in the right cover has additionally looked great scoring 10 points out of 3 matches. Both Vikas Jaglan and Jawahar Dagar have looked helpless and the side needs to be prepared to replace the two if by any chance they proceed with their melodrama.

Telugu team’s charm, Rahul Chaudhari has looked fatigued this season scoring 36 points from 5 matches and has not been taking care of the business. Nilesh Salunke and Mohsen Maghsoudlou have consolidated well to help Rahul henceforth giving a strong attacking performance. Nilesh has particularly been great in the raiding strikes and has amassed 24 points from 5 matches while Mohsen has 19 points.
Telugu team’s defense was constantly one to keep an eye on and they have not frustrated anyone so far. Star Iranian player, Abozar Mighani has proceeded where he cleared out off last season scoring 18 points out of 4 matches. He had a treatment for his injury during the last match and will be expected to be fit enough to play today. Captain Vishal Bharadwaj in the left corner has been similarly great, scoring 17 points.

Both Farhan Milaghardhan and Anil Kumar have scored 10 points each and will hope to help their side more. While the Telegu team battled without Abozar in the last match against Mumbai, they will take certainty from their predominant performance against Patna when they had a face-off on the October 19th and will plan to reproduce that form and hold Pardeep Narwal under tight restraints. Rahul Chaudhari will endeavor to give a more unequivocal performance and the defense will hope to keep Pardeep Narwal under control and will be intrigued to perceive how Pardeep will counter their moves. Pardeep who crossed Rahul Chaudhari’s point’s count of 700 will hope to get more help from alternate raiders and expect better, restrained exhibitions from their defense.

Tentative 7 players aligned for each team
Patna Team: (Captain) Pardeep Narwal, Deepak Narwal, Manjeet, Jaideep, Vijay, Vikas Kale, Jawahar Dagar
Telegu Team: (Captain) Vishal Bharadwaj, Abozar Mighani, Rahul Chaudhari, Nilesh Salunke, Mohsen Maghsoudlou, Anil Kumar, Farhan Milaghardhan

Rahul Chaudhari and Pardeep Narwal
So far the most spoken names in the season, Rahul and Pardeep will look to lead the front and aim at being the leading stalwarts for their respective teams. They certainly look to be in a tough competition with each other. But Pardeep’s high-soaring form will definitely make Rahul gear up too.

Abozar Mighani and Jaideep
Mighani had a narrow slip in the last game of the Andhra squad and will be striving to get back into the shape against the solitary Pardeep Narwal. He has been troublesome to him and Abozar will be an indispensable part of the defense along with Anil Kumar. Jaideep had a splendid form in the last matches and with two High 5s in his kitty from three matches; this left corner defender can prove to be a rigorous challenge for the Andhra pack of raiders.

All Rounders
Mohsen Maghsoudlou
Mohsen Maghsoudlou has certainly added to both the units of raiding and defending and will be a major investor against Patna for acquiring points. Patna who has always blown their own trumpet of having an in-form defense unit will be put in an awe as Mohsen’s agile raids along with the young Armaan’s quick pace can surely elevate the Andhra team’s surge to victory.

Match Prediction – Patna vs Telegu.
We again lay our prediction of victory with the Andhra team in tonight’s match.

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