The 2022 Football World Champions Cup has begun in Qatar after a long wait. This is the first time in the history of this global event that the tournament will be played in the winter months instead of the summer. The Championship cup will see players from big footballing nations such as Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, England, and Spain all trying their best to win the title.

In the 28 days tournaments, the teams will not have a lot of time to get their footing and will have to put their best foot forward. Without a doubt, this event is a spectacle that binds and brings millions of football fans together. And the most entertaining part about the Football World Champions cup is the fact that we get to see our favourite footballing stars with their national team.

It is something about the star players playing with their national team on the biggest of stages like this that brings the best out of them. The game despite being the prime example of a team game at times does rely on individual brilliance and this is what keeps the fans on the edges of their seats. In case you are wondering who will be these players who are expected to do well at the tournament with all the lights and cameras falling on to them.

Here are the players to watch out for during the 2022 Football World Champion Cup

1. Messi – Argentina

One of the greatest players ever to grace the football pitch has won all the accolades and titles the world of football has to offer but the one that eludes him is this cup. Having won the Championship America Football Cup with Argentina in 2021 in Brazil the Argentina team under the leadership of Messi has come a long way. Moreover, the 2014 final defeat vs Germany is the memory that the Argentine maestro would want to replace with some cherishing and long-lasting memories of lifting the cup. Last but not the least, the debate about the best player ever in the footballing world would come to an end if Messi does lift the trophy in Qatar. 

2. C. Ronaldo – Portugal

If there is one football player who always has a point to prove it has got to be C. Ronaldo. Rivaling Messi in the race to lift the trophy he certainly has a case for himself as at present it is him against the world. The form is a concern for him as he has not been playing club football regularly but when it comes to the national team, there are no doubts that Cristiano will bring nothing but his best foot forward. Portugal may not be amongst the favourites to win the trophy but it can all turn around if Ronaldo has a Cup championship to remember.

3. Mbappe – France 

The hottest player in the world of football is touted to take the place of Ronaldo and Messi. Having already won the cup with France back in 2018, Mbappe will be hungry for more, he may have won the titles but he is yet to earn the respect of the football fans. The absence of K. Benzema further will increase the burden on his shoulders to deliver for his team. Irrespective of whether he is in form or not a speeding Mbappe running at defenders is a scary sight which is what will be expected of him.

4. Neymar – Brazil

Neymar is undoubtedly among the most talented football players in the world. Brazil has a long-standing history of success on the world stage and Neymar himself would like to script his name in the rich history of this footballing nation. The PSG hitman would also be eyeing the record of scoring the most goals for his country and overtaking Pele in doing so. Brazil is the one country that is touted to win the trophy this time around and for them to do so, Neymar will have to be up and firing on all cylinders.

5. H. Kane – England

If England are to get close to lifting the World Champions cup they need H. Kane to have a great tournament. Having scored 51 goals for the Three Lions, Kane will be looking to overtake Wayne Rooney’s 53 goals for the country. Kane is well known for his presence in the box and lethal in front of the opposition goal, he has been consistent at the club level and remains amongst the best No.9 in world football at the moment. The England captain over his career has long been hungry for success and a trophy at the grandest stage would fill any void in his achievement list.

Conclusion – With these players in focus the World Champions Cup has always given the world new faces and talented football players that have the potential to replace such individuals. The 28 days long tournament will be the last one for many of the stars mentioned above and therefore this makes it ever so important for them to give their best for their respective countries. Needless to say, these players will light up the tournament and bring a smile to the faces of their fans and supporters.

There will be joy, there will be sorrow, there will be sadness but out of all, there will be unity. This unity will bring the world together towards the game that they love the most and this is what makes the World Champions Cup like no other sporting event on the globe. People from different races, backgrounds, ethnicity, and culture will gather to support their team and above all enjoy the spectacle that is unique and unites in its own special way.

Differential Picks for Your Fantasy Football Team

Now, as mentioned before that although there are these prominent players who are expected to shine on the biggest stage but there are those who are breaking through the ranks and stepping up to the occasion etching their name in football’s history. Moreover, these sets of players are the ones that will help you score the most points in your fantasy team, so let us take a look at these differential players.

1. Pedri – Spain

A 16-year-old genius made his Barcelona debut on 15 July 2019 and ever since then he has been touted to be the next great football player coming out of the famed Spanish club. Pedri now 19 is still relatively young and has a ton of experience playing at the highest level of games. In Spain, he has been a key figure under L. Enriques’s team, be it threading the passes, calmness on the ball, or his silky smooth dribbling he is a nightmare for the defenses to handle.

2. Saka – England

Saka is an emerging footballing talent from England who has already made shockwaves in the Premier League with his performances at the club level at Arsenal. Having played at the Euros for the Three Lions he sure knows what it feels like to play at the grandest of stages, he has scored 4 goals and provided 6 assists already this season for the Gunners. England will surely be banking on the wonderkid to continue his rise at the footballing stage at the Football World Champions Cup 2022. 

3. Musiala – Germany

Musiala is a 19-year-old professional football player for Germany, he plays for Bayern Munich at the club level. Musiala is one of those players who has quietly made his way to the top of the game. Agile on the ball, quick with his feet, and smart with the brains, Musiala has it all that needs in making of a great football player. Having already scored 9 goals this season in Bundesliga he is in a good form at the moment and Germany would want him to continue to do so at the 2022 Qatar Champions Cup.

4. Nunez – Uruguay 

Nunez plays his club-level football in the premier league after securing a record transfer move to the Reds this summer. One of the hottest No.9 in the game, Nunez has all the qualities of a top striker, he has good physic, he is good in the air, and most importantly he is lethal in front of the goal. In this World Champions Cup despite Suarez taking all the limelight, it will be Nunez who will be netting most of the goals for his team. He may not have a dream start at Liverpool but he has found his footing after early hiccups, coming into the tournament he has 5 goals and 2 assists in 10 games he played this season.

5. Hernandez – France 

Hernandez is a 25-year-old left-back who plays for AC Milan in Serie A. Theo is one of the best players in his position, having won the title with the Italian club last season he was at the center of the team’s success. He has incredible abilities with the ball at his feet backed by a solid physical presence. It can be said that he is not a natural left-back but more of a winger as he likes to get involved in the attacking half of the pitch. At the French team, he will be serving the likes of Mbappe and Giroud up top and there is no shying away from the fact that he will be one of those players who come out big this tournament.