Kabaddi, a nation-wide loved sport, has been slowly spreading its wings in the category of favorite sports. Nowadays Kabaddi has managed to grab a few more eyeballs due to vastly popular Kabaddi leagues being broadcasted around the globe.
Not only on television sets, but Kabaddi has also acquired a substantial amount of chucks in Fantasy gaming sites as well. So before you jump from your couch and decide to quit, PlayerzPot brings you a detour to one of the favorite sport of the country.

Kabaddi involves a game played between two teams. Each team has a total of 12 players.
Among the 12 players, 7 players from each team are on the court and the rest are kept as substitutes.
Raiders, Defenders, and All-rounders are the titles divided among the 7 players from each team.


PlayerzPot Kabaddi Guide: 


Now to play Kabaddi at PlayerzPot, every user has to build his own squad which comprises of 9 players from both the teams.

At PlayerzPot, among the 9 players;

  • minimum 2 and maximum 3 Raiders can be selected.
  • minimum 2 and maximum 3 All-Rounders can be selected.
  • Minimum 3 and Maximum 5 Defenders can be selected.
  • Maximum 5 players from a single team can be selected.

A total of 1000 gems is provided to each user. Each player in the team is allotted with some gems and you have to manage your 9 player squad within the budget of 1000 gems.

Every user has to select a Star Player, Captain, Z-factor from your squad. All of them have to be different players.

  • A player selected as Z-factor will get 0.5X (half) of the points scored throughout the match.
  • A Star-Player will get you 2X of the points scored by him in the actual match.
  • Captain of your squad will get you 1.5X of the points scored by him in the actual match.

In case, if the player gains a Red, Yellow or the Green card, then points will be deducted for all the cards received.

Winning bonus will be given to the players of winning team from PlayerzPot.

Whichever player, a user selects to be in his PlayerzPot squad will be given winning bonus if the team he is playing in during the actual match, emerge winners.

Points for Perfect 10, Fantastic 15 and Terrific 20 are given to a player when his sum of attacking points and defending points is 10 Points or more, 15 points or more and 20 points or more respectively.
No bonus points will be considered for this tally. 


PlayerzPot scoring system:



With PlayerzPot, profit is ensured and no matter whether you face hiccups in selecting the right player, PlayerzPot’s reliable Kabaddi Prediction is there to help you out.

To know more about Kabaddi, watch PlayerzPot’s Guide to Kabaddi on YouTube.