Mumbai will play against Gujarat in a Zone A match tonight. Mumbai last played against Jaipur, whom they defeated 48-24 without their star raider Siddharth Desai. They are over the Zone A table with 39 points from 9 matches. Gujarat last played against Delhi whom they defeated. They are set in the third position in the Zone A points table with 29 points from 7 matches.

Mumbai’s raiding unit was in a plain view against Jaipur. Abhishek Singh scored 12 points and Darshan Kadian scored 10 points while Vinod Kumar made a decent all round commitment with 4 raid points and 3 tackle points. Siddharth showed up towards the end but didn’t score a point. He still will be fit enough to play tonight’s match. Fazel Atrachali sparkled once more as Mumbai’s defense scored 15 tackle points against Jaipur. He scored 5 tackle points and has amassed a stunning 38 points from 9 matches. Rohit Rana was great and scored 3 points while Surender, the other cover protector scored 2 pints only. Cheralathan blanked out completely.

Gujarat has discovered another energizing raider in Dong Geon Lee. The Korean scored 10 points against Delhi and was their most prominent scorer. Sachin and Rohit Gulia scored 6 and 7 points separately. The Gujarat raiders will have their undertakings cut out when they go up against a solid Mumbai defense. Gujarat’s defense has been phenomenal this season as their young abilities have met the challenge at hand amazingly. Parvesh Bhainswal scored 6 tackle points against Delhi and the left cover has scored 23 points from 7 matches this season. Captain and right cover Sunil Kumar scored just 1 point against Delhi but has scored 22 points from 7 matches. Right corner Ruturaj has scored 21 points while Sachin Vittala in the left corner has scored 8 points out of 4 matches.

This match will be critical in deciding the standings in Zone A and both the groups have looked similarly great until this point. Fazel and his troop will hope to trap the youthful Gujarat raiders driven by Sachin and let their raiders, who have been incredible so far compete off Gujarat. Gujarat will hope to shock Mumbai with their raiding abilities and will need to demonstrate their cautious strength against the Mumbai’s defending unit.

Tentative 7 players aligned for each team

Mumbai Team: (Captain) Fazel Atrachali, Rohit Rana, Abhishek Singh, Siddharth Desai, Surender Singh, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Vinod Kumar

Gujarat Team: (Captain) Sunil Kumar, Rohit Gulia, Sachin Tanwar, Ruturaj Koravi, Dong Geon Lee, Sachin Vittala, Parvesh Bhainswal


Dong Geon Lee and Siddharth Desai

Desai was absent from the last two matches due to an injury and is expected to be back in form tonight against Gujarat. Dong Geon Lee, who debuted from the previous game is hoped to show the same level of performance that he displayed against Delhi with his Super 10.


Fazel Atrachali, Surender Singh and Ruturaj Koravi

Fazel and Surender have collaborated well to form the top alliance for Mumbai’s defense against Gujarat and will be expected to pile up the pressure on their opponents. For Gujarat, Koravi is confident and with his tight ankle holds and blocks, he will play a critical role in tonight’s match.

All Rounders

Abhishek Singh and Rohit Gulia

Abhishek and Rohit are both the men of the moment for their respective teams. Both with their superb raiding and defending tactics will be hoped to get their respective teams, the much needed victory in tonight’s contest.

Match Prediction – Mumbai vs Gujarat.

It’s a difficult opinion though, but looking at the past records, it seems Mumbai seems to be more on the winning edge for tonight’s match.