Homegroup Mumbai will encounter UP from Zone B in another Inter-Zone Challenge match tonight. Mumbai is on a 2 matches losing streak to Gujarat and Haryana, however, are still at the highest point in the Zone A table. In the meantime, UP are in the third position of the Zone B standings and their last match was against Bengaluru, which they lost.

Mumbai’s raiders were tainted in the last match and even Siddharth Desai, who scored 10 raid points on his rebound from injury, appeared to be unwell in a couple of raids. They were handled all the time and they didn’t give unwavering quality to the defense. Rohit Baliyan scored 4 points while all-rounder Vinod Kumar scored 3 raid points and 3 tackle points. Mumbai’s defense has overseen only 10 tackle points in the last match and that offers a significant discussion about their form. Vinod Kumar scored the top with 3 points while commander Fazel and right cover Surender scored 2 points each. Hadi Tajik who was a replacement for Dharmaraj Cheralathan failed to have any effect.

UP’s raiders have been a major concern for their training staff. They are unable to figure out how to get enough points and they managed only 14 points against Bengaluru. Shrikanth Jadhav who had an extraordinary beginning this season had a terrible performance in a series of matches and was able to score only 1 point in the last match. Rishank figured out how to score 5 points while Prashanth Rai and substitute Bhanu Pratap Tomar made 3 points each.

U.P’s defense has been vigorous and restrained until now. Nitesh Kumar, in the right corner, proceeded with his extraordinary season so far and scored 6 points against Bengaluru. Sachin Kumar has been another player who they uncovered and he scored 5 points in the last match with a couple of crunching tackles. Jeeva Kumar acquired only 1 point while Narender who awed in the last 2 matches blanked out absolutely.

Both the groups will need to end their losing streaks and Mumbai will need to disregard their defeats and give their fans something to cheer about. Their raiders will need to take Siddharth’s lead and support him while their defense will need to smash the UP raiders. UP seeks a miraculous intervention from their capable raiders while their defense should center on hushing the risky Siddharth Desai.

Tentative 7 players aligned for each team

Mumbai Team: (Captain) Fazel Atrachali, Rohit Baliyan, Rohit Rana, Siddharth Desai, Surender Singh, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Vinod Kumar
UP Team: (Captain) Rishank Devadiga, Sachin Kumar, Nitesh Kumar, Azad Singh/Narender, Shrikant Jadhav, Prashanth Kumar Rai, Jeeva Kumar


Shrikant Jadhav and Siddharth Desai
Desai has recovered from his injury although, yet he seems to be a bit feeble. His talent to tackle away with the defenders and make a swift escape with ease makes him a complimentary addition to the UP team. Shrikanth Jadhav’s agility can hold the key to success as this quick raider can be troublesome for the opponent defenders.


Fazel Atrachali, Sachin Kumar and Nitesh Kumar
Atrachali has shown a mediocre performance in the last two matches though, he will be hoped to lead the team with some hard tackles against UP. Sachin Kumar from UP has contributed well as a raider and Nitesh Kumar is considered to be the key player and his mashup with Siddharth Desai will be an interesting one tonight.

All Rounders

Vinod Kumar and Narender
Vinod Kumar has done well in certain occasions, but whenever he has failed to show his all-rounding performance, he has optimally used his defensive skills to add brilliance to his team’s performance. Narender, although failed to leave an impression against Bengaluru, he will still be considered as a pivotal player in tonight’s match, if given a chance to play.

Match Prediction – Mumbai vs UP 

Mumbai seems to emerge as the winner in tonight’s match.