Patna will confront Bengal in a Zone B match tonight. Patna is playing after a 9 days recess. They had defeated Bengal 29-27 without Pardeep Narwal and are currently set in the fourth position of the Zone B table with 23 points from 10 matches. Bengal played and won against Andhra team on Friday and is set in the third position of the Zone B table with 27 points from 8 matches.

Patna’s raiders gave a good deliverance against Bengal without Pardeep. Deepak Narwal scored seven and Manjeet scored four points each. While Vijay scored four points, Tushar Patil who showed up as a substitute and scored four points too. Pardeep has recovered now and will for the most part replace Tao Deok Eom or Vijay. Patna’s defense worked admirably against Bengal and it was Jaideep in the left corner, who put on an incredible show. He scored five points and has 33 points from the 10 matches, he played this season. Kuldeep Singh, the all-rounder, scored one point while Manish put in an essential tackle which turned the game around.

Bengal raiders were in not too bad form against the Telugu team. Their most elevated point’s scorer was Maninder Singh, with six points in his kitty. Ran Singh upheld him well with four points. They will hope to break Patna’s defense which has turned out to be delicate in a couple of events. Bengal’s defense had an extraordinary match against the Telugu team scoring 14 tackle points. Baldev Singh was their most noteworthy point’s scorer with five points to his credit. Surjeet Singh didn’t have a terrible match too as he managed to score five points. They won’t have a simple employment against Patna and need to think of a plan of action for Pardeep. It will be intriguing to perceive how Pardeep will counter their strategies.

This will be a significant match for both the groups as they will hope to progress in the rankings of the Zone B points table. Bengal’s raiders will hope to take fast points and put weight on Patna. Patna will trust that their defense will proceed with their great form and permit their raiders driven by Pardeep to take points off the Bengal defense.

Tentative 7 players aligned for each team

Patna Team: (Captain) Pardeep Narwal, Deepak Narwal, Manjeet, Vikas Kale, Kuldeep Singh, Ravinder Kumar, Jaideep

Bengal Team: (Captain) Surjeet Singh, Shrikant Tewthia, Ran Singh, Baldev Singh, Jang Kun Lee, Mahesh Goud, Maninder Singh


Manjeet, Mahesh Goud and Maninder Singh

The pairing of Mahesh Goud and Maninder Singh has worked wonders for the Bengal team. They both hope that they will be able to mesmerize everyone in tonight’s match with their benign play and get the team a good return of points. Manjeet has been stacking up his raid points to support his Captain and has done extremely well in the raiding department.


Jaideep and Vikas Kale

Jaideep has been the top most defender this season throwing the most dangerous ankle holds from the left corner on his opponents and Vikas Kale has supported him greatly from the cover position with his perfectly timed dashes and blocks.

All Rounders

Vijay Malik and Shrikant Tewthia

Malik has performed steadily in the Patna line up and has shown excellent potential to score. Tewathia in the right corner for Bengal has also contributed quite a lot for the team’s points upliftment and will be expected to add value to his presence in tonight’s match too.

Match Prediction – Patna vs Bengal

We strongly feel that tonight’s winner would be Bengal again, after contemplating their most recent win against the Telugu team on Friday.