Quick Analysis:

The Jaipur team will go against Gujarat in a Zone A battle in the second match on the primary day of the UP home leg. Jaipur will play following a 6 days break after a loss against Bengal. They are right now set at the base of the Zone A table. The Gujarat team plays following a 3 days recess after a win against Pune. They are put third in the Zone A table.

The Jaipur side which bragged of the greatest names in the whole group has been weak until this point. With just 1 win in 5 matches, Anup Kumar and his team need to get their battle up and running indeed. Deepak Niwas Hooda has been their best raider so far scoring 33 points from 5 matches. Anup Kumar comes in the second place with 25 points. The measure of attack points scored isn’t sufficient and the side needs to score more raid points and give risks the more youthful raiders like Ajinkya and Selvamani.

Gujarat’s raiding has basically been revolving around Sachin. The youngster has been splendid in this season and has scoring of 49 points in 5 matches and will hope to proceed with his binge. Prapanjan and Mahendra Rajput have shown up from the seat and scored a couple of critical points for the group. Prapanjan has 18 points while Mahendra Rajput has 12 points.

Both the groups will look to win this match. Gujarat will inhale down Mumbai’s neck in the event that they win this match and Jaipur urgently requires a win to sparkle some light on their so far dull battle. Jaipur’s striking and defensive unit needs to hone up and invest more exertion and play with greater power. Gujarat will hope to gain by Jaipur’s cautious delicacy in the cover positions and pick up simple points and after that, play on their solid defense.

Tentative 7 players aligned for each team

Jaipur Team: (Captain) Anup Kumar, Prashant Kumar Rai, Deepak Niwas Hooda, Amit Singh, Ajinkya Pawar, Sandeep Dhull, Mohit Chillar
Gujarat Team: (Captain) Sunil Kumar, Ruturaj Koravi, Sachin Tanwar, Prapanjan, Parvesh Bhainswal, Ajay Kumar, Sachin Vittala

Sachin Tanwar and Anup Kumar
From the last two matches that Sachin has played, he has managed to pick up two Super 10s and his current shape might be threatening to the Jaipur team. Jaipur raider, Anup Kumar will be expected to showcase a craftsmanship in his raiding capabilities in tonight’s match.

Ruturaj Koravi, Sunil Kumar and Sandeep Kumar Dhull
The defensive pairing of Ruturaj and Sunil have brought down raiders miserably and collected points. They will be expected to unleash the same power in tonight’s match too. Dhull has performed fantastically and will be hoped to perform even better than before.

All Rounders
Deepak Niwas Hooda
Hooda who has been a positive sign so far and will be expected to show the same positivity in the evening’s match.


Match Prediction – Jaipur vs Gujarat
Gujarat seems more confident to win the evening’s match.