Fantasy gaming has taken over the fans as the mainstay platform to make their voice heard, opinions shared, and at the same time make a quick buck. Fantasy hockey is no different here as there are millions of die-hard hockey fans who do make sure that they make their fantasy hockey teams. Now for those of you who do not know what fantasy hockey is, let us brief you a bit. 

A fantasy hockey game is where you create a team of 11 players of your choice on a gaming app in a virtual setting. Now based on the performances of these selected players in the real-match scenarios you are awarded points. So the more points you score, the bigger will be your winning rewards. Often in fantasy sports, the leaderboards determine who gets the bigger piece of the pie after a matchday result. 

One might think that playing fantasy hockey is for everyone and it is but to win consistently at it is no easy feat. With millions of hockey enthusiasts like you bringing their A-game to the table, it will be a tough task to compete against them. And for that reason, you need a quick guide on tips and strategies that will help you become a better fantasy hockey player. 

Tips and Tricks for selecting a fantasy hockey team on Fantasy Gaming Apps

1. Analyze The Player’s Performance

The first step to selecting your players is to look at the factor such as whether the player is in a good run of form or not. This can be easily checked by the statistics of the last 5-10 games, player fitness, and records in that particular fixture. You cannot be biased in picking a well-known player who has been down the dumps in his recent outings. Always go for the player’s form over the player’s career record as fantasy games award you points on the basis of that current game, not the entire career.

2. Analyzing Stadium’s Pitch and Weather

The weather and the pitch condition play a key role while selecting a fantasy hockey team. You can check which type of pitch conditions have favored a particular team and depending on that the coach and team management pick players for the same. Weather also can at times play a key role in determining a team’s tactical approach toward the game. So it is better to be well informed about the condition on the day the teams are playing before building your fantasy hockey team. 

3. Choosing The Top Players 

Having a good attacking firepower is a must for a fantasy hockey team to tick on the points. You will have to get a top pick of three such attacking player as the forward, left-winger, and right-winger for your team. The reason that these players are expected to have a big say in the team’s scoreline in attacking plays will put you in a good position to collect more and more points. So gather all the information you need and find ideal attacking players that you feel are the must-have on your team. 

4. Pick The Players On The Basis Of The Hockey Format

Hockey as a traditional game has not been tampered with like other games where there are different formats. Here the game is still the same but unfortunately, the players now have been bred differently. Players these days lack genuine efforts, fitness levels, and passion for the game. You will have to narrow down your search to such players who are compatible with the evergreen format of the game, and who are ready to prove their worth on the global stage. Playing domestic games and then having to do it on the international stage is a different ball game altogether. 

5. Selecting The Captain and Vice-Captain

The captain of the fantasy hockey team will attract 2X points and the vice-captain will add 1.5X bonus points. So therefore the picks of the captains become ever so important as they can drastically increase your points tally in a given game. However, it is important to understand that betting all your chips on the captains won’t see you get a ton of points for that you will need to have a balanced team that performs on all parameters.