Team India cricket captain Virat Kohli while addressing the media along with coach Ravi Shastri ahead of team’s West Indies tour denied any kind of rift with Rohit Sharma.

While responding to the questions by the reporters about the rumored clash between Rohit Sharma, Kohli said that such reports are baffling and disrespectful.

“In my opinion it is baffling. It is absolutely ridiculous to read this kind of stuff that comes out there. I have been to public events where we have been praised and here we are feeding off lies, overlooking facts, turning a blind eye to all good things that happened and creating fantasies and scenarios in our head. We want to accept that this is the truth,” said the furious skipper who insisted that his relationship with Rohit is just fine.

Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma’s cryptic Instagram post which was deleted later added fuel to the rumor.

“I have seen this for too long now. Bringing personal lives into the picture. It’s disrespectful after a moment. I have played the game for 11 years and Rohit for 10 years and it’s bizarre that people are creating this stuff from outside,” Virat Kohli said with team coach by his side.