In a shocking turn of events, India’s star wrestler Sakshi Malik has been issued a show-cause notice by the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) for leaving the national camp without permission.         

It was reported that 25 out of 45 women grapplers, who train at the SAI center in Lucknow was absent from the camp without taking permission from the National Federation.

Out of the 25, three of them including Sakshi Malik, Seem Bisla and Kiran had recently qualified for the World Championship, and they were immediately issued with a show-cause notice.

All the wrestlers responded to it without delay admitting their mistake and said that they have gone home for the Rakhsha Bandhan festival. WFI Assistant Secretary Vinod Tomar stated that all three of them are now reinstated in the national camp.

“Sakshi said that she had gone home for the festival of Raksha Bandhan and admitted that she made a mistake by not taking due permission for it. Seema and Kiran also gave the same reasons. They have replied to the show cause notices and apologized. So now they are back in the camp,” Tomar said.