Snakes, Ladders & Ludo is a fusion of Snakes & Ladders along with Ludo, both the board games have been extremely popular amongst the masses, especially with the games now available on the tips of their fingers.

All thanks to the Playerzpot app you can now enjoy playing Snakes, Ladders & Ludo games online at your own convenience. Here rather than one playing token, there are two distributed amongst the players on the board. The Ludo aspect is what makes this game ever so exciting and thrilling to play, adding the mayhem, here you can eliminate the opponent’s token as you do in a game of Ludo.

The rules of the traditional Snakes & Ladders game apply here but the only twist is that you can stop your opponent in their tracks. The eliminated token has to start the journey again from the starting point and win the game the player has to successfully land their two tokens at the finish line. So, now that you have understood the game of Snakes, Ladders, and Ludo Online, let us dive into some tips that will help you win this game.

Leave One of Your Tokens Behind for a Surprise Attack

Snakes, Ladders & Ludo game as mentioned above has two tokens and in order to win they both have to cross the finish mark. The players are often in a rush to win game and in a hurry, they launch both the token ahead. Here what you need to do is hold onto one of your tokens in the starting point and when the opponent has his token trailing you can eliminate it. Be careful about this trick as your opponents upon knowing this can use this upon you as well.

Stick Your Token Together

Understand that with multiple tokens you will have to deal with a wide range of scenarios that may or may not work in your favor. Luckily what is under your control is that you can keep your tokens together while moving on the board with the role of each dice. Keep a protected distance where even if the enemy token takes one of your out you can retaliate or you have options to evade the snake bite with two options to choose from rather than one. Think carefully before making your move and look for the outcome with such a strategy.

Make Use of Skipping the Move

You might find yourself in a situation where the number rolled does not help you in any way. If you move your token you either get bitten by the snake or there is a possibility of the opponent knocking you down in his next turn. So, here you can choose to skip your chance thus not moving any of your tokens. You have a total of two chances where you can skip your move. This will ensure that you have breathing space whenever you are in a tough spot. Do not rush in the game be attentive about the options you have on your hands.

Create Traps for Your Opponents

With two tokens in the play, you will have the opportunity to knock your opponent back to square one. So, the best way to do this is by keeping one of your tokens behind the rival players token. For example, if the opponent’s token is on the 8th square ensure one of yours is behind him so that it creates a trap.


The only thing despite all the above-mentioned tips that will help you win snakes, ladders & ludo is practice. You can never become a good player of snakes, ladders & ludo online if you are not playing it frequently. Rusty gameplay will only allow the opponents to get better of you, so to avoid this make sure you tune in to the game regularly and continue on your journey to becoming a champion of snakes, ladders & ludo online.