Ludo Raftaar is a fast-paced version of the traditional Ludo game. Ludo is one of the most popular board games that is played by people of all ages across the world. The exhilaration reached a new level when the game is changed into Speed/Raftaar Ludo. Ludo Raftaar, is played with four players who race to get all their pieces around the board and into the home base before the opponent does. One of the key differences between Speed/Raftaar Ludo and Ludo is that players can move their pieces in any direction, not just clockwise around the board.

In Ludo Raftaar, players can jump over other pieces and get their desired spot on the board, which adds an extra layer to the game’s strategy. Ludo Raftaar is a game of skill and strategic thinking and also it’s a fun game that can be played by people across all age groups. However, there are people who might find it tough to play Speed/Raftaar Ludo. There are certain strategies that might help them to get adapted to the new version of the Ludo Game.

Here are five strategies to win in Speed/Raftaar Ludo Game

#.1 Focus on moving your pieces quickly

The main objective of Ludo Raftaar is to get your pieces out of the starting area and into the home area as quickly as possible before the opponent does. In a regular Ludo game, players can take as much time as they want to move their pieces and finish the game. But in Ludo Raftaar, players will have only seven minutes to move their pieces quickly and get them into the home. Therefore, the focus should be on moving the pieces quickly in your every turn and trying to get them out of the starting position as soon as possible. Since you have limited time to finish the game, you should focus on moving your pieces quickly rather than getting distracted by your surroundings.

#.2 Block your Opponents

While playing Ludo Raftaar, you need to find ways to block your opponent’s pieces. When you move your pieces forwards, you have to apply a strategic mind and find an opportunity to block your pieces. By doing so, you will slow down their pieces and give yourself an advantage. By blocking your opponents’ pieces, you can protect your own pieces from getting captured and sent back to the starting position. By strategically blocking your opponents’ pieces, you can also position your pieces in a way that makes it harder for the opponents to block them.

#.3 Plan Ahead

Planning Ahead is crucial is important in Ludo Raftaar is important as it is a game that involves strategy and quick decision-making. Try to predict opponents’ moves and plan your own moves accordingly. If you don’t plan ahead, you might make a mistake by moving a piece to the wrong spot or not taking advantage of an opportunity to capture an opponent’s piece. Things may change quickly in Ludo Raftaar, so by planning ahead you can be prepared for the changing circumstances and adjust your strategy accordingly. When you plan ahead and predict the opponent’s moves then you can increase your potential of winning by staying ahead of your opponent.

#.4 Keep eye on the dice

The dice in Ludo Raftaar are crucial as they will decide how far your pieces will move on the board. Keep your eye on the dice and plan your moves accordingly. If you get a higher number, you use it to your advantage by moving your piece as far as possible. The use of dice adds an element to the potential of the game, which makes it more exciting and unpredictable. Ludo Raftaar is a fast-paced version of the traditional Ludo game that is played with two dice instead of one. The use of two dice means that players can move their pieces much faster as they have more options for movement on each turn.

#.5 Stay Calm and Focused

In Ludo Raftaar, you might tend to lose your focus and get panicked as you have only limited time to get all your pieces into the home and finish the game. It is advisable not to get panicked but rather stay calm and focused throughout the game. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you and try to stay focused on the game at hand. This will help you make better strategic decisions and increases the potential of winning the game. When you are calm and focused, you are less likely to make mistakes. In Speed/Raftaar Ludo, this can be critical as even a minor mistake can snowball quickly and cause you to fall behind your opponents.