Poker is one of the popular games that is played around the world for over the last several years. It is a game that requires a lot of skill and strategy in order to get succeeded in Poker competition. The poker game is played with a standard of 52 cards and the objective of the game is to win the pot, which is the sum of money or chips that have been betted by the players in a particular hand.

Apart from a basic understanding of Poker and the skills required to win the game, it is essential for the players to understand the hand combinations in the game. The hands are ranked from highest to lowest and the best hand wins the game. The ranking of the hands is based on the probability of getting a particular combination of cards. Here we have got you covered with the best hand combinations in the Poker game.

Here Are the Six Best Poker Hand Combinations

Royal Flush

Royal Flush is considered to be one of the best Poker Hand combinations. It is the highest-ranking hand in poker, which consists of five cards of the same suit, in sequence from 10 through to Ace. Royal Flush is an extremely rare and powerful hand, with the odds of being dealt a Royal Flush in a standard 52-card deck. The Royal Flush is unbeatable and can win the pot in almost all circumstances, making it a valuable and coveted hand in Poker.

Straight Flush

In Poker, Straight Flush is a hand that consists of five cards in sequential order, all of which are of the same suit. For eg., a hand of 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6 of hearts is a straight flush. A Straight Flush is very strong and is ranked higher than a regular flush, which is any five cards of the same suit that are not in a sequence and lower than four-of-a-kind. In Texas Hold’em and Omaha, a Straight Flush beats all other hands except a higher-ranked Straight Flush or Royal Flush.


Four-Of-A-Kind is a card that consists of four cards of the same rank, plus one other card. It is one of the strongest hands in Poker and can be only beaten by a straight flush, royal flush and a higher-ranked four-of-a-kind. Four-Of-A-Kind is commonly known as ‘Quads’ in the poker community. If multiple players have four-of-a-kind in the same round, the player with the highest four-of-a-kind will win the pot. Four-Of-A-Kind is one of the best combinations in poker history.

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Straight refers to the hand comprising five cards in sequential order, regardless of their suit. The rank of the straight is determined by the highest card in the hand. For eg., a hand consisting of the cards 8,9,10, Jack, and Queen, irrespective of their suit, would be considered a straight with Queen being the highest card. If two or more players have a straight, then the player with the highest straight wins the pot. A straight is ranked below a flush and above three-of-a-kind in Poker.

The Full House

Full House is the fifth-best Poker Hand combination. It is a hand that consists of three cards of the same rank and two cards of another card. For eg., a Full House could be three jacks and two sevens. Full Houses are ranked by the rank of the three cards that have the same rank. A full house is a relatively strong hand in poker, higher than a flush and lower than four-of-a-kind. When two players have a full house, the winner is decided by the ranking of the same matching cards. If two players have the same matching cards, the winner is determined by the rank of the pair.

Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind is a hand that contains three cards of the same rank, such as three aces, three kings, or three fours. It is ranked higher than a pair and lower than a straight. If two players have a three-of-a-kind, the player with the highest ranking will win the pot. If you two players have the same rank of three-of-a-kind, then the player with the highest ranked kicker wins the pot.

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