Ludo is everywhere, from evening breaks in dorm rooms to family gatherings. Its simple format makes it an all-time favorite for people of different age groups. During lockdown, online ludo games experienced a rapid surge in popularity. This love for ludo is why Real Money Gaming Apps have brought ludo betting games for the users. But, there is this continuous argument regarding the legality of ludo betting in India. 

Are you interested in playing these ludo betting games but worry about their safety and legality? This blog will analyze and give you a proper insight into the subject.

Understanding Ludo Betting 

Online ludo gaming apps allow you to play ludo and win exciting cash prizes. Undoubtedly, ludo is a favorite pastime of many people, but imagine earning money while relaxing and playing online games. Does this sound tempting to you? Hold your horses then because we will open the gates of a passive earning opportunity that will change your life forever.

Several online gaming apps are offering you ludo betting games. They are also available in different formats. The players can select their desired ludo game format and then enter a pot by paying an amount. You can win big cash rewards for winning the game and making it to the leaderboard. If someone is nostalgic about ludo, this is the golden opportunity to fill the pocket while flaunting their gaming strategy.

The Legal Landscape

You must know and understand “The Public Gambling Act, 1867” to explore the legality of the ludo betting games. This act prevents the Indians from participating in physical betting activities where “Risk” and “Prize” are involved. However, the judgment by the Supreme Court in some cases showed that betting in chance-based environments and skill-based games are different. 

Concerning the RMD Chamarbaugwala Vs. Union of India case, 1957, the Supreme Court clearly distinguished between the Game of Chance and the Game of Skills while holding that the games that require some skill will not be counted as gambling. You can see the reiteration of the same judgment in cases like Dr. K. R. Lakshmanan vs. State of Tamil Nadu, 1996, and State of Andhra Pradesh vs. K. Satyanarayana, 1967.

While the mentioned law has been in action since the colonial era, the legality of online betting is still a very less-discussed area and is yet to be addressed by the Court. While India has not established a single law regarding gambling, as per Entry 34 in List II in the Seventh Schedule, the states have the power to make their laws on gambling. As a result, you can observe a deviation of approach on this topic in the case of different States. Thus, the lack of clarity has resulted in differences among states regarding online real money games. 

Difference Between Game of Chance and Game of Skill!

Now, before discussing if ludo is a game of chance or skill, it is significant to understand the difference between these two types of games –

Game of ChanceGame of skill
In this case, the player cannot control the outcome, and it is entirely dependent on the probability. To play games of skill, the players require mental skills and strategies supported by their experience. 
A minimum skill level is required for some Games of Chance. However, the Role of Chance is comparatively higher here. To master games of skill, the players must continuously practice. It will help them with strategy development. They will have a deeper understanding of the game. 
Examples: Sports betting and lotteries. Examples: Rummy, Contract Bridge. 

Ludo as a Skill-Based Game

It is significant to consider whether ludo is a skill-based game or a game of chance to analyze the legality and safety of online ludo betting in India. Ludo is a board game known as a combination of strategy and luck. 

People say that ludo is 65% luck and 35% skill and strategies. The game is highly dependent on the number on the face of the dice. While you are competing online without other opponents, the chances of getting a particular number are variable. The dice number may end up favoring one of the opponents. 

However, ludo isn’t entirely dependent on chances or luck. A player needs to have a solid strategy about how to move the coins on the board. There are four coins of each color, and you aim to take the tokens to the Home without getting eliminated by the opponents. Observe your opponent’s coins to cut them. Though a player does not have control over the number to appear on the face or the die, they are the ones to decide how to allot those scores to the coins and safely take them to the ending point. Therefore, you need strategy, planning, and conscious decision-making to win ludo games. 

The Ludo game has several other benefits that can positively impact the players, and those are as follows:

  • Ludo helps you to enhance your concentration and focus. 
  • It improves your cognitive abilities. 
  • Promotes critical thinking and grows strategizing power. 
  • Develops different personal skills
  • It gives chances for socialization.

Online Ludo Platforms and Licensing

If you are wondering what makes online ludo platforms safe and legal, you must know that they require licensing to start their business. While for the games of skills, there aren’t any licenses required, when a platform is licensed, it implies –

  • The games the app is dealing with are games of skills. 
  • No gambling activities are being encouraged. 
  • Skill-based games are available all over India, except for the States that prevent betting. 
  • Play these games of skill on web platforms as well as on mobile platforms. 
  • These platforms will have a maximum number of players, and due to their authenticity, they will also have the chance of getting high revenue. 

Therefore, you must always play ludo betting on a licensed gaming app as it adheres to legalities and safety standards. They promote responsible gaming while ensuring that no gambling acts are being conducted. These platforms also prioritize the safety of the users, providing them with a safe and secure gaming experience. 


For online ludo betting- the question that arises frequently is if ludo is a game of strategy or pure chances. Though the die score depends on luck, you need skills to move your coins. You need to concentrate on the board to know which token to use and how to eliminate the opponent’s coins. It makes ludo a game of skills. 

If you are a new player worried about the legality of ludo gaming, then it is better to choose a licensed platform. As they stick to the ludo legalities, you can avoid the worries. A reliable gaming app like Playerzpot can give you a superior gaming experience. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about fraudulent activities or lack of safety of the platform. All you have to do is sharpen your skills and win games to earn exciting cash prizes. 


Q1. Is ludo legal in India?

Ludo is a board game that is extremely popular among Indians. As per the laws in India, skill-based games are legal in India. However, it is highly debatable whether ludo is a skill-based or strategy-based game. To play ludo, a player must know how to move the coins on the board and set strategies to take the tokens to Home. Thus, inferring ludo is skill-based would not be wrong here. Hence, as a skill-based game, ludo is legal in India. 

Q2. How Do You Play Ludo Betting?

To play ludo betting online, you must find a reliable gaming platform like Playerzpot. Check the user’s review and license of your chosen gaming app or platform. Then, you can sign up on the platform and start playing. Be careful when choosing the pot. Now, you are all set to show off your gaming skills. Winning the ludo betting game allows you to get tempting cash rewards. 

Q3. Is Ludo A Skill or Luck Game?

The Ludo game is a blend of luck and skill. The number on the dice depends on your luck, and you cannot control it anyway. But, to move your tokens, you need to spread the score strategically. You need the skill to take your coins to Home without getting cut by your opponent. You must develop tested tactics to win a ludo game against a strong opponent. Hence, saying that ludo is a game of 65% chances and 35% skills will be the correct inference here. You need luck and skill to play this ancient game that played a crucial role in the Epic Mahabharata. 

Q4. Is Playing Online Ludo Safe?

Playing online ludo is safe, but you must find a reliable gaming platform. Licensed gaming platforms that prioritize the safety of their users and adhere to legal standards are the best options for playing online ludo. Trusted sites like Playerzpot can help you enjoy the game without being cautious about your safety.