Pakistan is having a roller coaster ride this World Cup, by losing their initial matches, they are still riding in the winning streak and they are just giving the fans a kind of a Deja vu movement right now. Their journey looks very similar to their 1992 World Cup journey, where every match result has turned out to be as identical as 92’ fixtures.

The most four elite batsmen which are to be considered right now in World Cup are Kohli, Williamson, Smith, and Root, but Pakistan’s Babar Azam surely has started his journey on this track. When most of the years we have been appreciating Inzamam Ul Haq’s flick or Saeed Anwar swinging his bat, it’s really hard to be impressed by Pakistani batsmen, but this guy really deserves attention and praise.

And just to prove this point his last innings against Kiwis which took his sight towards finishing line. His innings was a perfect blend of poise and maturity. And his batting style is really unique and different. It’s not just hitting but playing deliveries on its merit. Hitting requires strength but good innings comprise of temperament and composure analyzing the situation properly and his innings was full of it.

Babar surely has something in him, when you are facing Trent Boult and Ferguson’s spongy bounce it is never easy for anyone to negotiate the attack so skilfully. But he hanged in there and played till the end, to see his team home.

His innings surely gives a glimpse of Kohli, who is determined enough to win everything and give his everything for the team. Especially the cover drive that surely has a tinge of Kohli that surely seems he must be minutely observing Virat. Babar has been quicker to every ODI aggregate landmark of 1000, 2000 and 3000. It’s very harsh but to compare him to Kohli but that surely doesn’t seem to affect him. And he himself admitted that he looks up to Kohli. Which would bring taunts and unavoidable mocking but he doesn’t seem to give a damn about it. He isn’t that media savvy.

His innings must have increased batting confidence and strength of Pakistan and they surely must be looking forward to grooming this man to fetch stars and moon as he stated ‘becoming the best batsmen is the aim’.