Mumbai: Life in Mumbai city is full of competitions. Everyone is rushing to become better than the best in order to claim their name and moreover to survive. Mumbai has always been a hub of various business ventures in various industries, be it in food, travel, sports or film. Some of these ventures have grown overnight not only in the minds of people but also became the most visited apps in their phone. The rise and rise of these ventures, no matter how small or big, is only due to those creative minds gushing in the veins of marketing activities. These minds work according to the trends and deliver results, which too becomes trending. But these minds works as per the potential of the person, and that potential is somewhere has to start from the scratch and that’s where college academics comes in, which teaches ups and downs, pros and cons of these market, but is simply reading a book and scoring in exams sufficient to gain that potential? That’s where cultural events plays a vital role by building up the confidence inside those who aspire, not just to be in the market but also to rule it. And that’s where Mumbai’s Mulund College of Commerce scores a tick in excellency.

Mulund College of Commerce presents INSPIRA 2018, a cultural extravaganza based on the theme of Management Studies, that vows to provide unique opportunity to the youth to showcase their talent and skills through a line up of events that give students an actual corporate environment. These events are engineered in a manner so as to foster academic and industrial linkage with practical application of theoretical learning. How?

  1. Corporate Charisma:

Corporate fashion show, sounds unique? interesting? let’s just sum up to ‘amazing’. Right before you enter the premises of a corporate environment, here is a set up where you will know whether those black leather shoes with white cotton shirt and grey formal pants suits you or black shirt and dark denims with white sneakers gives you that corporate feeling (I’ll prefer the second option, comment if I am wrong).

2. PPT Fiesta:

Power point Presentation, an old school way of getting appreciated for all your creative ideas. Throw up your ideas in a 3 minute slide show and you might win this competition and if not, then you might win a ticket to see a change personality in you.

3. Manager’s Premier League:

  ‘Bit it to win it’  that’s how they quote it. Enter the virtual world of bidding scenario where you bid till the last penny, to shell out your money and maximize the worth of your assets.

4.Retro Stock: 

Strategy, skill and apt mind, that is what required to ace trading in stocks. Welcome to the virtual world of Retro market where shares were sold with all the hustle and noises of the brokers (Refer: Wolf of Wall Street, 2013).

5. Suit Up:

A mock and recruitment and selection process to make participants ready for selection and give them a realistic feel of the corporate culture and HR practices. Now next time you don’t need to feel butterflies in your stomach during interview sessions as you are already suited up with enough confidence and will to act upon.

INSPIRA 2018 is set to give a spotlight for all those aspirants who seek to survive and rule the corporate houses all over world and by the end they might spot a new Jordan Belfort in the rising.

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