Snakes and Ladders board game evokes a lot of memories, right? Most kids of the 80’s and 90’s will recall fond memories of this game. It is a traditional Indian board game in which two or more players are needed. In this game, players have to race against each other to reach the top to become the winner. This game has been played for centuries and was known as Moksha Patam.

In this post, we share all the important aspects you should know about the online version of the game. 

What Is A Snakes and Ladders Board Game?

Just like the traditional board game, the snakes and ladders game has one hundred marked squares. The token needs to move from the bottom left corner (Start) and way up across the board. The main aim of the player is to reach the last square (marked 100) first.  A player will come across several ladders and snakes.

The ladders can be short or tall. You will find a snake on every set of ten square pieces except the bottom set. So, if a player lands on a snake, he will have to trace the snake’s body and fall to the lower level. 

How to Play Snakes and Ladders Board Game Online?

  •   To start the game, every player rolls the dice and the one with the highest number gets to go ahead.
  •   The player who moves ahead first will get to roll the dice again and he can start the game if the dice show number 6. If not, the next player will get the chance to roll the dice.
  •   If the player gets the number 6 on the dice in the first time itself, he can start the game.
  •   Next, the individual will move his/her token to the number shown on the dice. For instance, after rolling the dice, if the player gets number 4 on the dice, he will move his token to number 4 on the board.
  •   All the players will have to move their tokens from left to right starting from the number 1 in the first row and right to left in the second row.
  •   After the first player moves his token, the second player gets to play.
  •   The format will then be continued by all the players.

What Happens When You Land on a Ladder or Snake?

There are several snakes on the board game. If you land on any snake, then you have to move to the lower level square at the tip of the snake’s tail. You will then have to start your game from that number.

Just like snakes, there are several ladders of different lengths in the game. When you land on a number with a ladder’s bottom, you have to move the token higher up on the ladder. You can proceed from the number you landed. Both the snakes as well the ladders make the game challenging and interesting. 

Snakes and Ladders Rules

There’s no denying that playing games online can be fun. However, you have to follow a few rules. Here are a few snakes and ladders rules you should know before you start playing. The player on the left will take the next turn and that way proceed in the clockwise direction.

1. Who Starts First?

To decide which player will go first, each player rolls the dice. The player who gets number six on the dice will play first and get his token out. In case two or more players get the same number on the dice, they will have to roll it again to know who will play first.

2. When You a Six on the Dice

If you get the number 6 on the dice, you will get an extra turn. So, when you get the number six on the dice, you move your token six places ahead and then play your second turn and move it to ahead according to the number you get on the dice.

3. Rule of Ladders

Ladders make the game interesting. According to the rule, if you land on a number at the base of the ladder, you will have to move your token higher up until the end of the ladder. However, do remember, you always have to land at the base of the ladder to climb higher. You can’t climb a ladder if you land on a number with the middle portion of the ladder.

4. Rule of Snakes

Snakes in the board game make the game challenging. However, you can lose the game if you land up on a snake often. When you land on a snake, you will have to move lower tracing the snake’s tail. Also, you don’t need to climb down the snake if you land up on a number having the middle part of the snake.

5. The Rule of Bounce Back

This rule is fascinating rule. Here’s an example to understand the rule better. Assume your token is on square 99, you roll the dice and get the number 4. According to the bounce-back rule, you then have to move the token to 100 and then move it in the reverse direction till the remaining numbers.

6. The Rule of Exact Number

As per the rule of the exact number, you need to roll the exact number of dice to win the game. For instance, if your token is on number 99, you need to get number 1 on the dice to win the game. You can’t move your token if you don’t get number 1 on the dice.

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Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that the snakes and ladders board game is a fun game to play with your friends or family. That said, you can play with random people if you are unable to play with your loved ones. Additionally, you can win points and even cash prizes using snakes and ladders game apps. All this makes it fun and interesting to play. Go ahead! Play your game right now!