10. Australian Football League

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The Aussies mash up football and rugby into one sport that seems like one or the same but it’s quite different. Australian football is played on an oval pitch with 4 giant poles erected on each end of the turf. 18 fields per side charge the field in a game full of passing, dodging and a top-notch tackling. The league consists of 18 teams with each team fighting to win glory in a 23-game regular season followed with elimination playoffs and finals. Melbourne is the heart and the soul of the league. With a country full of passionate fans, AFL is a completely unique sporting experience.

9. Bundesliga

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There are number of incredible football leagues all over the world but this German-made league is considered in bringing up world’s best talent. Bundesliga is indeed home to some of the best teams in the world. Bayern Munich who won Champions League 5 times while Dortmund boats some of the passionate fans from all over the world. Bundesliga not only offers nail biting football action but also quite cheap tickets to the football fans. It’s arguably one of the best leagues, pulling 2.8 billion dollars in revenue.

8. PGA

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It’s hard to expect Golf in this list but those who appreciate sports know that PGA Tour is one of the best leagues. The Golf masters test their skills during the tour. The Tour organizes some of the biggest tournaments in the world, hosting championships like Masters and US Open. With impressive television ratings, the Tour is managing to grab eyeballs and sponsorship as well.

7. Indian Premier League

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Though this cricket league was founded in the year 2008, it’s hard to argue that it’s one of the fan favourites which is a hub for worldwide entertainment and cricket action. IPL garnered success and eyeballs due to the fact that fans got to see their beloved sport played in the format of T20 and a mix of celebrity appearances. The league comprises of 8 franchises each representing a city. Fan’s response made IPL in the 5th rank among the most viewed League in the World.

6. Formula 1

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NASCAR may be a tire squealing and adrenaline rushing car racing sport but when it comes to popularity and some toughest tracks, Formula 1 is one of the best racing league in the world. Rather than allowing drivers to compete each other in an oval, Formula 1 offers them to drive like hell in a circuit full of complex turns so as to see who’s got the best skills to use acceleration, velocity and braking action in a fastest possible time. With different countries competing against each other in a vehicle model specially designed to give adrenaline, fans get a glimpse of what is called a nerve blasting typhlosion making pedals.

5. NBA

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The National Basketball Association is the world’s premier basketball league drawing the top talents in the US and all around the globe. Right now that includes the likes of LeBron, Durant, Westbrook and other future greats spread throughout a competitive 30 team league. When it’s the finals time, the whole world tunes in to see the skills of hands and some of the best dunks, making NBA one of the most viewed League throughout the world.Warriors vs Cavs broke the viewership record of successful HBO’s Game of Thrones that was running parallel with the game in 2016.

4. NHL

There’s just something about hockey that makes people excited, is it the speed of the game, the tremendous goals or the brawls, but we do know that NHL is special. Its crazy to see in an overloaded stadium is emotions flowing with every score pin down on the board. It’s great to see hockey breathing among the fans.

3. MLB

Baseball is all about the reputation of one’s country. Grab a hot dog outside the stadium, cheer with boo-hoo’s and you might see some frequent scandals that may turn your heads down or spice up the conversation. Although there has been tonnes of scandals involving usage of foreign materials like grease on the ball to get the grip or using sandpaper that has led to a permanent ban for players and getting enrolled into some or the other controversies which has led to some loss in the viewership but still, NHL managed to collect millions of revenues in the process.

2. NFL

Baseball may be America’s part time enthusiastic sport but its American Football aka Rugby that has made America skip their meal and their heart beat every time it is aired on television. Though the seasons are short as it last only for 2 months and it is played only on Sundays still it manages to collect record breaking revenues and record breaking sponsorships.

1.Premier League

World’s most popular sport deserves most popular league. Premier League records the best goals from world’s best footballers resulting into record breaking viewership from across the globe. With names like Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba, Neymar, Salah ruling the league, it becomes more interesting to see when these players have a face off.