It has become a common thing to play games online. These are generally those traditional games that have been transferred online with little to almost no changes. Many notable online gaming platforms make playing these games more fun and exciting. One of the most common ways to do that is by offering the winners real cash prizes. 

Who can let go of an opportunity to earn money by playing games online? These platforms ask you to bet a certain sum of money before the game starts, and if you win the game, you receive real-time cash depending on your bet. You can also receive bonus prizes by playing these games.

List of Top 10 Games That Allow You to Earn Real Money While Playing


  • Ludo:

    In Ludo, you will have to manage to take your tokens to their respective homes. You win the game if you are the first to do it successfully. Hence, you earn real money from this Ludo real money app.

  • Rummy:

    You can download a rummy cash game app from PlayerzPot, select your pot and start playing the game with the available online players. You win cash prizes if you win the game.

  • Call Break:

    This game depends heavily on tricks and the trump card the players use. It is a strategic game, and your game plan plays a crucial role here.

  • Poker:

    Poker is one of the most popular games, and the rules and regulations might seem challenging to learn at first, but you can always practice via the PlayerzPot poker app.

  • Carrom:

    This is a classic game, and the rules are simple but might vary a little from the offline version. Ultimately you pocket as many pieces as possible to win the carrom game.

  • Fantasy Cricket:

    In this game, you create a team according to your strategy, and that team scores runs or takes wickets and helps you win and earn money.

  • Fruit Slice:

    As the name suggests, your only work is to slice fruits. Fruit slice game is a popular game and will help you earn money and prizes.

  • Chess:

    This is a challenging but exciting game we have all played at least once. The rules remain the same, so let us enjoy the chess game online.

  • Speed Ludo:

    It is the classic game of Ludo with just one twist where you must complete as much of the game as possible within a given period. Speed ludo is a modern-day game which help you to win real cash daily.

  • Snakes and Ladders:

    The easiest yet the most complicated game on the list. It is a classic game that everyone enjoys, and now you can earn real cash rewards by playing and winning this game.

Online Gaming is Fun: Reasons Why Playing Online is Better Than Traditional Games

Even though we have always played these games in the traditional form, playing these games online can be way more beneficial and convenient for the players. 

Some of the reasons why playing online games are better than traditional ones are here below:

  • These games are easily accessible. With how easy it is to use the internet nowadays and with the abundance of gaming apps online, there are hardly any issues faced while trying to figure out the game to play and how to play it.
  • We can play any game from anywhere, at any time, and we will not have to carry around any gaming tools to play these games.
  • Several players are always available online who are ready to play with you. Hence, you will not have to wait for anyone to play these games.
  • Lastly, you can win many exciting prizes while playing these games, and many gaming platforms will also help you to win cash prizes if you successfully win the game.

Thus, these are the primary reasons why people prefer playing online. Hence, today, the gaming market is flooded with online gaming platforms, but if you desire an enriching experience, you must visit PlayerzPot. Why? Let us tell you why!

Come at PlayerzPot: 

PlayerzPot can be one of the best platforms to play online games, whether casual games, arcade games, card games, or fantasy games. Players always have the best time while playing via this app. This platform has already recorded over 1.5 crore users and a winning of 10 crores daily. PlayerzPot can be the best platform for you to practice skill-based games. You can also not participate in money-earning competitions and can only play to enjoy some free online gaming. Some of the main reasons behind the popularity of PlayerzPot are:

  • You can play over 20 fantasy sports and casual games, and you will not have to search anywhere else as PlayerzPot organizes here.
  • PlayerzPot will regularly give you exciting offers where you can win a fair cash prize.
  • PlayerzPot takes the safety of its players very seriously. They maintain legal standards at all costs. Moreover, it has a separate FAQ section so that you can get answers to all your questions before you start playing games on this platform.

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If you are searching for a Ludo real money app, rummy cash game app, speed Ludo app, or poker app, then PlayerzPot is the best place to go. Smoothly download the app from the internet. Each game here is easily accessible. PlayerzPot allows you to download Ludo real money app and earn money while playing Ludo. 

You can also download the rummy cash game app and play this popular game without facing challenges finding it. Or if you want to use it to download a speed Ludo earning app, keep in mind the reviews of over 1.5 crore users. 

We can tell that you will never regret your decision at all. It is also a better place to download a poker app because the prizes and bonus rewards here are fun and exciting. 

So, you can hold on to your traditional gaming roots yet add a hint of a modernized form of playing these games with the help of PlayerzPot.

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