With the Footballing season having begun, there is already an adrenaline rush for the fanatics of the game to go on and build their own Fantasy Football Teams. In case you are wondering which is the best fantasy football app to play your favourite game? Well, look no further as Playerzpot brings you the best-in-class fantasy football experience.

However, with the growing number of newbies and fresh players starting to play fantasy football online, they will need a road map and how to go about building a fantasy team. It goes without saying that there is a huge number of fan following of the sport and therefore there is fierce competition amongst the players for the big prizes and cash rewards offered. Winning and competing with the players does at times be a tough task but worry not as the below-mentioned tips will help you become a better player and at the same time guide you in winning prizes and cash rewards.

Tips To Build Your Fantasy Football Team

1. Selection of Captain and Vice-captain: If you are serious about competing and winning then you have got to get your captain selections on points. Note that your captain gets you 2x points while the vice-captain gets your 1.5x points scored so it goes without saying that you will need to find the best picks for the captains. Look out for players who have been consistent week in and week out.

2. Be Updated With Player’s Fitness: If there’s one thing football players are prone to playing football is injuries, now you would not want to pick an injured player and score absolutely nothing from them. Therefore it is better to be up to date regarding the fixtures and the players who are featuring on that particular date. News regarding the player’s fitness is available on the football team’s website so make sure you check them out before making your fantasy football team.

3. Create Multiple Teams: How do seasoned fantasy players update their teams on such short notice while many others struggle to cope with the changes? The answer is simple they have multiple teams, once you are well aware of the teams playing with the players being touted to be featured in the team you can get a fair enough idea of the teams. Have more than one team so this way in case there is a new contest or bonus game you will be quick to lock in and be a frontrunner in the competition.

4. Look Beyond Your Favourite Players: Mixing sentiments with fantasy sports is not the way to go about it. While playing fantasy football you have to make sure you are conscious of your picks and do not go about picking your favourite players in your team. The reason is that they may not be in their prime form and adding them to your team does add very little value to your team. Remember you are competing here so it’s better to look beyond your liking and affection in getting the right choices.

5. Follow Websites That Help With Team Building: For all the above-mentioned reasons to come into play you will have to cut out some time and carefully build your team. Although once in a while you may not be able to put in the amount of effort you usually do and need to build your fantasy football team, in such situations, it is better to follow blog pages and website that keeps you in check with the daily happenings around the sport. They do give out ideas and suggestions for making your team so make sure you have followed these blog pages and websites.