As the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) unveiled the giant cheese biscuit trophy, unsurprisingly there was an outpour of trolls and hilarious comments that overflows the social media including Twitter.

The unique prize was held up by the respective captains of Australia and Pakistan, Aaron Finch and Sarfraz Ahmed before the teams lock their horns at Abu Dhabi. The trophy was unveiled on Sunday and immediately turned into the center of attraction, raised some eyebrows and even triggered some giggles. It has three stumps with a ball at the base of the trophy and a biscuit at the top.

 This Biscuit Trophy will be awarded to the winner of the TUC Cup 2018 and interestingly the chief sponsor of the match happens to be the top biscuit brand in Pakistan, TUC. No wonder PCB decided to manufacture the trophy representing the nature of the business of the brand.

Even the official account of the ICC scoffed at the new-look award, sharing the photos, it wrote “Giving taking the biscuit a whole new meaning!”

It was followed with another photo of the cheese biscuit trophy compared to its own; the ICC Champions Trophy.

“You vs the trophy she told you not to worry about”, it was written as the caption in Twitter.

ICC’s tweet also triggered a whole lot of commotion on Twitter as the fans couldn’t prevent themselves from trolling and commenting on this ‘peculiar trophy’.