On Wednesday, Virat Kohli rises to the top of Indian Cricket, spreading his magic and becoming an inspiration for those who aspire in making something big in sports. With every year passing, Virat Kohli kept elevating in every aspect of the game, thereby proving consistency and finally scaling the 10k peak in ODIs faster than anyone, breaking Sachin Tendulkar’s record.

While Tendulkar took 259 innings to achieve the landmark, Kohli achieved in just 205 innings. But for Virat who hate comparisons, mentioned that it was Sachin Tendulkar’s aura and gameplay that motivated him to pick the bat and made him the captain of World No. 1 Test side from a teenage prodigy.

The journey to 1000s has been long but worth celebrating. Rewinding the clock and starting from a humble background in a West Delhi Colony, that’s where the journey started unfolding. At 18, Kohli was broken emotionally with his father Prem’s death. Though the very next day he was on the cricket field, playing a match to save Delhi getting knocked out against Karnataka. With years passing and matches played, Kohli soon got promoted from gully cricket to age-group tournaments to finally wearing India’s jersey for the first time in 2008.

Kohli began with his skills on the ground without taking any risk and keeping the scoreboard moving by relying primarily on singles and twos and playing along with the ground in the beginning. Once he got past the initial stage, it was nearly impossible to dislodge him as there were only long shots.

Few years and scoring many centuries later, the ICC Cricketer of the Year was the sole Indian to be on the Forbes Richest sports person list. Kohli also opened up his private life a lot more to the circle of Like, Comment and Share, posting pictures with his dog and videos of his fitness fortune.

The transition was huge, be it in lifestyle or in his performance. A younger Kohli would never miss an opportunity to turn the scoreboard while maintaining a safe gameplay. These days, Kohli’s game is just all about reaching milestones like it’s his life.

Now that the 29-year old has reached his milestone, he’s eyeballing to break Tendulkar’s tally of 49 ODI centuries.

Although West Indies locked India to a tie in the 2nd ODI, it’s still a celebration for Kohli as he registered himself amongst the legends.