Are you waiting for a delayed train or food in a restaurant and tired of scrolling through the newsfeed of different social media apps? How about stimulating your brain and mind through online ludo games and earning cash rewards simultaneously?

Indeed, online ludo can save you from boredom and kill time, but at the same time, playing ludo games on ludo-earning apps can also help you earn handsome rewards. Want to know how? This article is here to guide you.

Benefits of Playing Ludo
As a classic game played for ages, Ludo enjoys immense popularity. Not only in India but also in different parts of the world. It is a game that can make your pastime enjoyable and comes with some benefits –

Promote Critical thinking: As ludo players require solid strategies to win games and understand how and when to implement them, the game promotes critical thinking abilities and decision-making powers.

Reduces Stress: As a fun game, ludo provides the players with a relaxed mindset and helps to remove stress.
Improve Problem-Solving abilities: Ludo players must use their analytical skills while positioning their tokens and saving them from opponents. Hence, ludo improves problem-solving capabilities.

Increase Concentration: While playing ludo, you need to focus on the board, which increases your concentration level.

Why Indulge in Playing Online Ludo Games?

Your favorite board game is now available online, and the best part is some platforms give you the chance to win exciting rewards. After COVID-19, the popularity of online ludo games has skyrocketed. You can start playing ludo by joining any trustworthy ludo gaming app like PlayerzPot. Some features of online ludo apps that increase the thrill of playing ludo games online –

Easy to use: Online ludo-gaming apps have a user-friendly interface so that users can enjoy a smooth ludo-gaming experience. You can check the rules of the game before joining. Some ludo apps add extra features to make ludo games exciting for players.

Bonus and Rewards: Want to know how you can take your ludo gaming to the next level? You must consistently practice, and the online ludo apps are here to help you. On joining online ludo apps, you get sign-up bonuses. There are also daily bonuses that increase your chance to win more cash. Referral bonuses are available on some platforms, which you get when your friends join the app.

Easy withdrawal: On reliable ludo apps, the experience of joining paid games becomes hassle-free. You can smoothly deposit money to your in-game account and withdraw cash rewards using their safe and secure payment getaways.

Multiplayer Mode: Do you miss those good old days of playing Ludo with friends and family? No worries. With the multiplayer mode of online ludo-earning apps, you can experience playing ludo with your friends again. All you need is to sign in to a Ludo app.

Meeting Online Community: If you are a ludo player, who is looking for individuals sharing the same love for ludo? Then, online ludo games can help you find like-minded people. You can play ludo with people all over the globe and learn new ludo tips from them.

Compatibility with multiple systems: Device compatibility should not bother your ludo journey, and hence, most of the ludo gaming apps are designed to be compatible with varied operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

How to Join Online Ludo Earning Apps
If you are new to online ludo games and wondering how to start on a ludo-earning app, then here is a step-by-step guide for you –

    • You must look for a trustworthy and legal online ludo app that offers a safe and secure gaming experience. It is better to read their policies, licensing, and rules before you sign up.
    • You can download the app from their official website, the Play Store, or Apple App Store. After installing it, you can sign in to the app and start playing. Some apps need KYC to allow the users to deposit cash and withdraw rewards from the in-game account. In that case, you should complete the necessary steps.
    • Now, it is time to polish your ludo skills. Keep practicing on the app to sharpen your strategies and rectify the flaws. When you are confident, join any paid game of your choice.
    • You can ask your friends to join you through referrals. Don’t forget to gather bonuses and referral points
    • Win against your opponents to win tempting cash prizes. On online ludo earning apps, you can withdraw your cash rewards easily and securely using various transaction methods
    • Want to get better rewards? Keep an eye on the tournament notices and join them. It will bring you the opportunity to bag huge rewards

Ludo Tips to Win Games
Ludo is a game of strategies. Therefore, before joining paid games on Ludo earning apps, it is better to work on your tactics to avoid financial loss. Here are some effective ludo tactics that you can implement to win against strong opponents –

Learn the rules: Winning becomes easier when you know the game rules. It also helps you stay away from the penalties. Some gaming apps have rules regarding missing moves and dice rolling specific to their platform. You can go through them before you start playing.

Unlock the Tokens: In ludo games, the placement of the tokens plays a significant role. Hence, the first task is to unlock all the tokens. Then, you can place them on the board, considering your tactics and gaming style.

Spread your Tokens Evenly: Spreading your tokens evenly and safely reduces their chance of getting killed. It becomes easier to chase and eliminate your opponent’s tokens.

Try to Take the Tokens to Home: Bringing the tokens to Home earns you a high score. Therefore, if time is running out, it is better to prioritize taking your tokens Home.

Killing Opponent’s Tokens: Always observe your opponents’ tokens. If you can eliminate a high-scoring token of your opponent, that will increase your chance of winning the game.

7 Steps Ahead: In Ludo, it is considered that staying seven steps ahead of your opponent is the safest distance, and it reduces your chance of getting eliminated. It is also known as the rule of 7.

Know which Token to sacrifice: Keeping your tokens safe is impossible. Select the one with fewer points if you choose between tokens to sacrifice.

Why get bored while waiting when you can use that time to earn lucrative cash with ludo? For that, you don’t need to get a ludo board and tokens, but logging on to your in-game account will do. The thrill will make your day, both the Classic Ludo Game and the Online Ludo Game. If your friends aren’t available to join, you can share the excitement with a stranger. Why keep on fiddling when you can grab your phone and play your favorite game? Join online ludo earning apps today to earn exciting rewards!