India has a massive number of football fans. It is evident from the participation rate we see in
fantasy football games. But Indian Football hasn’t yet penetrated the international level of games. 

However, it is hard to pinpoint one particular reason why Indian footballers are not playing for big European or English clubs. There are multiple reasons behind it, including the lack of standard training and playing conditions.

While several Indian football players like B Bhutia, S. Chhetri, V. Mehta, and M. Salim have earned international reputations and have contributed to competitive football, the absence of Indian football players from well-known English Clubs is noticeable. 

Even in Indian football leagues, while playing with players of international repute, Indian footballers earn praise for their sharp gaming skills, yet they cannot make it to the Big English Clubs.

As a football fan, if you are curious about what is holding back our players from joining European Club games, read this article. You will know why your favorite player is not achieving anything at the international level despite being phenomenal in his game.

Some Reasons Why Indian Football Clubs Can’t Big To The International Level!

Are you passionate about football and never miss a single football game? Then you may wonder why Indian football players aren’t making it to the English Clubs. Let’s have a look at the reasons behind it:

India’s Rank In International Football

Footballers like M. Wadoo consider that one of the main reasons is India’s rank in the list published by the international federation. Players who want to play for any European club must get a work permit. 

But, if the footballer plays for a country that has a rank lower than 100, it is disadvantageous for them. There is a lack of initiatives that can make the whole process of getting a work permit easy for an Indian footballer who is willing to join an English Football club.

Lack Of Training Opportunities At The Grassroot Level

In India, the craze for football will always be there. However, the lack of training facilities and guidance at the grassroots level becomes a hurdle for the players. The young players don’t get ample chances to be groomed by professionals. 

To learn the technicalities, they must solely depend on their experience. It has slowed down the progress of Indian football to some extent. Appointing coaches who have groomed European footballers can be a way to solve this issue.

The Difference In The Quality Of Football Fields

Football is played on almost every ground in India. Hence, there isn’t strict monitoring of the quality. European football grounds receive high-quality tending with evenly shaved grass. These grounds can keep the ball bouncing on the surface and are suitable for sliding tackles. They also reduce the chance of injury in players. If you compare them to Indian grounds, you will see a stark difference.

Except for a few stadiums, most others have brown patches and thin grass layers. Some of the grass layers have patches with missing grass. This soil keeps the balls in place, unlike the European grounds. As a result, Indian footballers need to use techniques different from those used in international games. 

Many players find it challenging enough to adapt to such soil.  Infrastructure development and improving the condition of training pitches and match grounds can help the players get accustomed to the conditions of European football grounds.

Standard Of Indian Football Games

The standard and nature of Indian football games vary slightly from the European club-level leagues. Indeed, some sponsors back the Indian football leagues, but it requires more investment to improve the game’s overall condition. 

The timing of the games is primarily set in the afternoon, which is tiring for the players as India mostly has a hot and humid climate. Some managerial issues hinder the growth of Indian football and need to be dealt with if Indian football wants to improve its condition.

Lack of Interaction With Top-quality Professional Players

Football is one of the games where a player’s learning opportunity increases when they get a chance to interact with other players. However, Indian players don’t get ample chances to practice with top-quality international-level players who are regular to the European clubs. 

Moreover, they don’t even communicate much with many professional-level footballers from the East-Asian region who have participated in international games and faced footballers from European clubs. 

The Indian football leagues have attracted many players of international repute to join the regional players, which provided the Indian footballers with the opportunity to learn from them.

Difference In Skill Level

The skill level of a footballer regularly playing for a European club has some distinction compared to their Indian counterparts. Indian players are in a disadvantageous position concerning the international games. 

It holds them back from learning techniques and developing knowledge that will help them when they wish to join English clubs. European clubs that aim to maintain a high standard while recruiting also prefer to take European footballers who are physically and technically more polished than Indian ones. 

Lack Of Exchange Between Indian And English Clubs: 

While the whole process of exchange programs between Indian and English clubs is still at the suggestion level, there are chances of this becoming a reality. If the Indian Football Association receives good funding, they can partner with the English clubs. 

Through these programs, Indian players will get the opportunity to play and learn from the top players of the European clubs. They will also be acquainted with the football game conditions of the European clubs. 

Besides this, the coaches will get a chance to be familiar with the grooming conditions of the European footballers. They can apply it to train new footballers, adding more quality to the talent pool. 

We Are Optimistic

In the present scenario, players and fans are optimistic about the future of Indian football. Therefore, there will be a time when you will get to see your favorite players playing for an English Club. 

However, Indian football leagues have a long way to go considering matching the gaming conditions offered to the footballers playing for English Clubs. The players also need training to become familiar with the European football game and their techniques. 

India has always been a country where fans will die-heartedly support their favorite teams during grand international football events. But this passion is no longer limited to a couple of international football games. 

The number of football fans in India is increasing rapidly. Hence, the number of investors and sponsors is also on the rise. The fantasy football games are also bringing in more people interested in football games. 

Conclusion: The Final Words

Though at present it may sound like a daydream, with sufficient funds and support, there will be a favorable condition for the Indian footballer to attend grooming sessions in Europe or learn from top-notch players from the English Clubs. 

It will make way for them to join high-rated European clubs and be a part of international leagues in the future. So, there may be a day you will get to see new Indian talents reigning on the ground during a European football league!