Ludo is the most popular indoor board game. People have loved this game for centuries. Four people can play this game. However, two people can also play this game if you lack four players. It is a common name, creating a place for Ludo in the online gaming world. The Ludo game online is easy as it provides access to the gaming world through any gadget with an internet connection. 

But while playing offline and online Ludo, have you ever wondered why only red, blue, yellow, and green are used in the Ludo game? Why not use various other colors? What’s the reason behind it? Before you go for a Ludo game download, here are some fun facts about the tokens you use and their colors. Don’t miss this blog if you want to know all the nitty-grits about the Ludo game.

The layout of a Ludo board helps it stand out!

The Ludo Board has a square shape, and four squares are on four sides of a large square. The squares on each side have a different color. These colors are yellow, red, blue, and green. Yellow, red, and blue are the primary colors, and green is a secondary color you obtain by mixing blue and yellow. 

We have the brightest shades of yellow, red, blue, and green on a Ludo board. The reason behind choosing this color palette for the Ludo Board is to make each house stand out. 

The primary colors are known to all, so there isn’t any confusion regarding the color of the houses on the Ludo Board. Though the game of Ludo has its roots in the ancient history of India, the current board game was patented by Alfred Collier in 1896. 

Online gaming is a new method for enjoying the game of Ludo, but before that, we mostly used Ludo Boards with colored tokens corresponding with the colored square houses on the board. The possible reasons for using red, green, yellow, and blue on the Ludo board are listed below:

Easily identifiable colors: Blue, green, red, and yellow are easy to identify and known to all as three of these colors are primary colors. Kids learn about these primary colors at the very beginning, which helps them to identify them smoothly on a Ludo board. Hence, with its simplistic yet bright color combination, Ludo ensures that all age groups are engaged in this game.

Eye-catching color pattern: Bright shades of red, green, blue, and yellow are used on the Ludo Board so that it makes the Ludo board appear lively. The Ludo board has four colored squares at each corner and a cross sign forming the arms of the columns that show the pathway for the tokens. There are three columns adjacent to each square on two sides. The middle column is the same color as the square on its left. It makes a beautiful and colorful pattern on the Ludo board that shows each payer their house and their home column. 

Avoiding mix-up of tokens: Four distinct colors are used on the Ludo board, with three of them being the primary colors, so that players can have very different tokens and there is no mix-up with other tokens. Tokens may get mixed up when secondary colors or shades of the same colors are used for playing the game.

Discernable difference: Instead of blue, green, red, and yellow, if there were secondary colors or shades of similar colors, each player wouldn’t be able to discern the difference between their square and the opponents’ squares. 

Let’s Have A Quick Revision: Know How To Play Ludo?

For its simple rule, people of all ages can enjoy playing Ludo. At least two players are needed to start a game of Ludo. As there are four houses in this game at a time, a maximum number of four players can participate and play this game. 

Each player chooses tokens of a particular color out of red, blue, green, and yellow. The task of each player is to take their four tokens around the Ludo board and finish the journey by reaching the home triangle. The numbers on the dice allow players to move their tokens on the board. 

Tips for safeguarding tokens on the Ludo board

You can be a newbie in the Ludo games online arena, but that doesn’t mean you won’t bag first place in this game because we are here to give the necessary tips for keeping your tokens safe while moving on the Ludo Board.

Bring out all your tokes: You can bring out a token from the home square when you start playing Ludo as soon as you get a six on the dice. Introduce all the tokens in the play area as and when you roll a six. Don’t wait for a token to complete the journey, as this can result in your token getting eaten up by opponents. Therefore, engaging all your tokens on the board will also allow eating up your opponents’ tokens.

Choose your strategy: You have to be clear about your gaming strategy. You can either focus on completing the journey of your tokens as soon as possible or focus on delaying your opponents by eating their tokes at every possible instance. Whatever strategy suits your plan, you can go for it. However, it is essential to note that eating tokens won’t help you much if you are not focusing on finishing the path of your tokens on the board.

Aim for safe squares: On the Ludo board, there are safe squares where the opponent cannot eat your token and send it back to your home square. While moving your tokens, try to place your tokens in these safe squares as much as possible. This step is more crucial when your tokens are nearing home after completing the journey around the board. If you have an opponent’s token on your tail, then wait till you can move your token into a safe square.

Prioritize your tokens: In this game, you can face situations where you might have to let a token get eaten up. It might sound counterproductive, but if you have a token near the end of its journey but is still within the reach of an opponent’s token, your piece near the end of the board becomes your priority. Hence, you must move this token first so it doesn’t get eaten up and sacrifice another piece that has just begun its journey on the board.


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