The game of cricket mind you is just more than a game in India, just the mad fan following for the Indian teams and various franchises has just elevated the game to the next level. Often seen as a team sport, we have godlike individual players who are celebrated and worshiped on a daily basis during match days. The craze for cricket is unparalleled and unmatched, the same is now reciprocated in online cricket games. 

Yes, online cricket games are now growing popular, with access to the internet, gaming consoles and availability of different gaming titles, online cricket games are now growing in potential. So much so, that they are now seen as a mainstay of the online gaming industry in our country. It is understood that the sport of cricket is celebrated so much, but how did this spark the growth of online cricket games? And How these games are going to be game changes in coming years? Well, the answer to these questions are not that simple, let us dive a bit further. 

Why Online Cricket is the Future?

1. Realistic Gameplay Experience

Online cricket games are no slouch, these now come with extensive graphics that are eye appealing and a visual treat whenever you are playing these games. The gameplay mechanics are now properly tuned in the game itself, the ball hitting the bat for the stroke plays, boundaries, sixes and even fielding it’s all well-calibrated.

Not just that the games are now fine tunned with realistic representations of an actual cricket match, but here you have famous series, actual scenarios along with player movements and expressions. Thus making, the feel of the game just like in reality. You have facial expressions on players’ faces plus the scenarios of banter and face-offs provide you with an actual match-like experience. 

To leave no stone unturned, the cricket game publishers have curated an immersive stadium experience, with fans cheering out and booing as well. The noise levels are just as in an actual cricket stadium. With scoreboards, fireworks, and constant chants, the layers of attention to detail to such experiences is just astounding. It makes you feel as if you are the player yourself thus adding that extra edge to the gameplay. 

2. Wide Range of Game Modes 

When you are speaking about online cricket games, one of the biggest perks of enjoying these games is that you get a wide range of modes to try your hand at. Given the pool of players all having different tastes in their desire to game online, cricket is one such game that can offer you multiple options and game modes. This feature allows you to not get restricted to a particular segment or the format of the game, thus encouraging you to try different modes of the game adding a layer of profound joy while playing. 

You get the traditional single-player mode with of course all the added dynamic features like enhanced graphics, player movement, and ambiance. While the multiplayer mode is where the real fun begins, you have to agree the competition does elevate the level of joy we get from gaming. Remember all the major tournaments, championships, and famed cricket series you can also play using the game modes. 

Now who does not like to play the thrilling, nerve wrecking, and entertaining T20 format games online, they have now become a staple. With different T20 leagues and franchises, players have grown fond of this format and well who can blame them? You also have a more traditional setting in ODI and Test Match games, and remember you can always switch between the formats of the game, there’s no stopping you from trying everything you like, that’s the beauty of online cricket games. 

3. Access to Real-Life Players and Teams

Gaming platforms like Playerzpot and other giants of the gaming segment have been able to further scale the entirety of the online cricket gaming experience by connecting to players in license and agreement deals. Moreover, the gaming platforms are also in constant contact with cricket boards and councils so that they can onboard, players from different regions in one single game. This amalgamation and fusion of games with real-life cricketers make these games an inviting prospect. 

Through this agreement and the license of players to be included in an online cricket game, it is the end users who get to experience the fruits of this partnership. Imagine you are in control of your favourite cricketer and in story modes or auctions you can decide their fate. Cricketing rivalries that are real can be put to test here and you will be able to match up different players and teams that you could have thought in your wildest dreams. 

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4. Online Multiplayer Competitions

Online cricket games as mentioned above is a notch up above a regular cricket game. Here in the multiplayer mode, you are tested to your core, by participating in contests and tournaments your cricket knowledge is always put to a test. Being in an online setting you can always count on your friends to join in the fun while also competing against players across the country, who are just as passionate about the game as you are. 

What makes competitive games so special are the rewards you win through these games. At times you will be able to unlock a player kit, bats, jersey, and other exciting offerings that will make you stand out from the crowd. It is just a flex when you have different skins and kits in an online cricket game, my fellow cricket gamers will understand what I’m talking about. However, it takes a lot of effort and grind to attain the virtual rewards so do not get discouraged by initial failure but keep on pushing your boundaries. 

5. Constant Updates and Improvements

Players can at times run into some difficulties or technical glitches in a game of online cricket, but the best part about them is that the game is always made better, redefined, and smooth with the constant push of updates at regular intervals. Not only does this weed out the previous difficulties but also enhances the gameplay by adding layers of features along with new players and tournaments.

Through these updates, the game allows the players to be connected with the real-life cricket cycle that the players are following. You get to know the upcoming tours, championships, and emerging players through the updates. Also, these updates adapt to the changing dynamics of the cricket calendar thus providing the players with an updated version of the game. 

6. Accessibility and Convenience

Online cricket games have just changed the way of gaming, it is indeed fine to have a high-end console, PC, or a high-end device to enjoy the game. However, the convenience of gaming through your phone just by download a fantasy cricket app is next to none. These games are made available on both Android and iOS stores so that everyone gets an opportunity to shine. With the access of the game through mobile device the advantages that come with it are endless. 

Given that you are gaming on your mobile device, you can enjoy your practice of gaming anytime regardless of the place, you can do so while commuting to work or in breaks. No need for a hefty PC setup or carrying the console, a simple mobile will do the trick for you. You can always test the waters first and then dive yourself into the full-flagged competitive setting. Everyone here can game at their own pace, this is what attracts more players to join online cricket games. 

7. Community and Social Interaction

Online cricket games are not just for fun and entertainment but they create a shared space for fellow cricket enthusiasts to connect with each other. This leads to the formation of a community that nurtures and grows over a period of time. Players make new friends, indulge in healthy competition and moreover learn from each other. 

Here all the players act as a medium for you to push in becoming a better player. Players do often chat and share their strategies for winning the game, at times you will yourself will be helpful in guiding the new players and that is what the online cricket community is all about. Please do not restrict yourself from getting in a friendly competition as it will only fruit a better version of your current gamer. 


Online cricket games have paved the way for cricket fans to connect, share and prosper in an inclusive environment. With gaming accessible to all, gamers have found the virtual cricket home that keeps them enticed and entertained all the time. A bit of competitive edge, a dash of creative aspect, and above all the ability to enjoy the gaming experience is what online cricket games have been able to ace. 

With the advent of gamers now shifting their focus to online gaming, there’s no telling how big this bubble is going to grow. With lucrative T20 tournaments booming, and stories of new cricket players popping up, the future of online cricket games is fruitful. If you are yet to try your hand on these games, do so as you could unleash the potential of a cricket gamer that has been hiding so far. Join the online cricket games with Playerzpot, and get your gaming talent’s worth.