The world of cricket is sparkling with renowned cricketers and mind-blowing matches. India cricket board went for a new format of 20-over cricket games in the form of T20 in 2007. It led to the inception of the league format, where there are 20 overs in each match where the teams are franchise-based.

The format and the process of team creation, where multiple players from different parts of the world together form a team, became an instant hit among cricket viewers. This move added diversity to the game of cricket and brought players from far and near together, fostering a unity that outlines the ethos of this game and the true spirit of sportsmanship.

Ten teams are competing in the current 2024 season men’s league. The success of the league concept with the franchise-backed teams also led to the expansion of this format for women’s cricket in 2023. Like the T20 cricket league matches for men, the women’s league also saw tremendous popularity among cricket lovers. This year, in March 2024, the second season of the women’s matches was concluded, where five franchise teams participated, and the Bangalore Women’s cricket team emerged victorious by defeating Delhi Women’s.

The history made by the Women’s team in the Women’s T20 Cricket League of 2024
Since the inception of the Indian T20 Cricket League, the Bangalore team has seen a promising lineup of batters and bowlers. Fans and experts have often placed the team on a high pedestal. It has been touted as the winning team but cannot lift the winning trophy each season. The fans have also missed the team in the finals as the Kohli-led team has failed to secure a spot each time. It has been disheartening for many diehard supporters of the team.

The Indian T20 Cricket League for Women, which has witnessed two successful seasons where women cricketers have showcased their mettle and prowess on the cricket field, finally saw the making of history, with the Women’s team of Bangalore lifting the trophy in March 2024.

Can the recent win of the Bangalore team impact the performance of the men’s team?
Kohli congratulated the women’s team on their maiden win and hopes to repeat the same victory for the men’s team. The current coach of the team, Andy Flower, has mentioned in an interview before the initiation of the matches in this season that they are going to go on an all-out attack mode for the upcoming matches. Boosted by the recent victory in the women’s league, the coach believes that the present men’s team has everything to win the title this season.

The vibe is positive, and Flower is ready for the challenge of pushing the team towards victory. He is not intimidated by the challenge, but it is an exciting step for him. He feels motivated by this and can visualize the possibility of winning from the very outset of this season. Only time will tell whether the confidence and the positive thinking help to ensure the win for the men’s Bangalore team this year.

The basic format of the Indian T20 League matches!
The Indian T20 League has been built on teams created by buying players. The teams are created by purchasing players from the auction. Players enter the auction voluntarily and have a price depending on their record and performance. A person/company/franchise owns each team. There is always a clash between team owners when it comes to getting the best player in the team.

Hence, it is understandable that a player might go to another team for a higher price. Sometimes allegiances can shift, and a player who has played for a team can go to another team at a higher price or better role in the other team. After team finalization, the matches commence, and the game ends when one team emerges victorious.

The current season of 20-over matches will hit the screen on 22nd March. There are ten franchise-backed teams divided into two equal groups. Each team will compete twice with every team from the other group and will then play one match against each team of the same group.

After the teams have played against all the teams in the opposite group, they move on to the playoff session, where the top four teams compete, and one team gets eliminated after each match.

What can work for the men’s team this season?
Green was about to play the Australia T20 Cricket League, raising questions regarding his contribution in the first two matches of the Men’s’ Bangalore team in India. The doubt regarding Green’s availability in the first game is no more as he is coming quite ahead of the tournament because he has the green signal to skip the final from Cricket Australia.

Green’s spot in the team that was fixed during the pre-auction trades gives the team a fantastic four-over bowler and batter in the top six order. There is also the opportunity to bring Ferguson and Joseph into the first XI.

Previously, Patidar, who had missed the 2023 season due to a severe heel injury, is all set to return to the field as a part of the Bangalore team. It is going to reinforce the top order. His performance in 2022 with the century showed his capability.

New talent in the Bangalore Team
Include fast bowler Deep, who had brilliant returns for India A against the England Lions in January-February. He was presented with a Test cap against England in Ranchi for this performance.

Another fast bowler, Vyshak, also caught the selectors’ attention after he achieved a fast-bowling contract due to his exceptional domestic season for Karnataka. He got 39 wickets in eight First Class League matches from 2023 to 2024. He is the second-highest fast bowler this season. His batting contribution includes 343 runs in 13 innings.
With new talents and renowned players like Plessis (capt), Maxwell, Kohli, Siraj, and Green in the Bangalore team, the fans are hoping for a nail-biting season.

Where does the Bangalore team need to exercise caution?
The team has left out Hasaranga, so they need another experienced player to take up the role of the leg spinner. Though they have other new players for this role, there is always a slight risk. There is also another requirement for a proficient death bowler.

How to make the most of this cricket season?
The men of the cricketing world have already gone into their chosen teams. The action is going to be live within a couple of days. It is the ultimate paradise for cricket lovers. Now, you do more than just watch the game. But also participate and win from its outcome.

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