India finished the Youth Olympic Games 2018 is style with Akash Malik shoots silver to become the first archer to win the medal in archery.
The 15-year old from Haryana finished second in the men’s recurve category losing to Trenton Cowles of the USA 0-6 as India signed off with three gold, nine silver, and one bronze at the games that were launched in 2010. India ended the campaign with a medal tally of 13 to reach the 16th position.

Akash, who was trained at the Army Sports Institute, Pune started with a great shot at the finals with a 10 in his first attempt but came down to 6 in his second one. Even though he recovered in the third shot with a perfect 10, he ended up losing his first set 26-28. Trenton Cowles, shot two 10s and a 9 in the second set to win it 29-27. Akash started severely in his third set with a 6 and later scored two 10s but in vain as Cowles took the set 26-28.

“I have trained in the wind earlier. But here it was too much”, said Akash “I feel good but I lost gold medal,” says Akash who bettered India’s stand in the archery from the previous editions of the YOG.