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About Chess Game

Play Chess Online on PlayerzPot

The game of chess is believed to have been originated in India by the name of chaturanga in the 6th century. The word chaturanga means the four divisions of the military ( infantry, cavalry, elephantary, and chariots). These forms are represented by the pieces in the game of chess as a pawn, knight, bishop, and rook respectively. The game of chaturanga was believed to be a battle-simulation game that rendered the Indian military strategy of the time.
Soon after the game made its way to Persia and from there on to Europe and other parts of the world. The Chinese back then also had a version of their own which was known as xiangqi, this version of the game was inspired by the Chaturanga which originated in India. The game after gaining popularity in Persia and Arab countries was called by Shatranj. However, there were different sets of rules and different methodologies to play chess in different parts of the world.
It was in the year 1851 when the first modern chess class tournament was held in London. This started a trend of players playing chess to be crowned as the chess grandmaster by winning the tournament. The FIDE since then organizes and manages major chess tournaments across the world. Much like other famous board games, the game of chess has also made its presence felt online and is now being played by hundreds of chess enthusiasts.

Understanding the Game of Chess

Play chess online 2 players at a time. The board of the game is sized 8x8 with white and black squares placed in an arrangement one after the other. The most interesting part of the game of chess is the use of animals in the form of tokens. The objective of winning the chess game is to defeat the opponent’s king or in a time-limited game securing maximum points in defeating enemies tokens. The game is entirely based upon the pieces so let's further discuss the pieces and their roles in the game of chess.
  • Pawn

    These are the frontline pieces a total of eight of them in each team. They can move vertically twice in the beginning and once after the first steps. They can eliminate an opponent's pieces in single left or right moves. The most distinct feature of a pawn is once a pawn is able to reach the last square of the enemies side it can revive a lost piece in its place, For example, a pawn can be turned into a Rook, knight or a queen provided these are the pieces already defeated from the board.
  • Rook

    Known as the elephant can move any number of steps on the board vertically and horizontally in a straight line. A total of two Rook’s are made available to both the teams and they are positioned on extreme edges of the board left and right sides. They are vital pieces on the board and are always present in the defence if used wisely.
  • Bishop

    Better known as the Camel, the piece can move any number of squares across the boards in cross squares of the designated square. One long knight for white square while the other for the black on. They can move forwards and backwards as well.
  • Knight

    This piece resembles the shape of a horse. There are a total of two knights for a team. Interestingly these pieces move in an L shape using four squares across the board. They can jump opponents and one’s own pieces in moving. The knight is a lethal weapon for a team and if used in a strategical manner can lead your side to victory.
  • Queen

    The most versatile and powerful piece of all. The Queen is stationed beside the King and can move across all the squares on the board. The only move the queen cannot conjure is the jump and L move of the Knight which is the most distinct feature amongst all pieces. However, Queen is vested with enough firepower to take down opponents, but make sure you do not lose your queen early in the game as it leaves the King more vulnerable to attacks and checks.
  • King

    The most important piece of all, the King is placed in the centre of the board besides the Queen. The King can only move a single step at a time across the board in any of the directions. This is why the King is more vulnerable and needs protection from its army that is spread across the chessboard. King, however, can eliminate an opponent's pieces if given an opportunity.
  • Check

    This happens when the King is in sight of the opponent move where the next move could eliminate the king. To remove the King from this position the player can eliminate and capture the piece threatening the king, Move the King, or Block the threat using other pieces.
  • Checkmate

    This happens when the King does not have any route to escape the threat of being defeated by the opposition. By imposing the checkmate the player is declared the winner of the match.

What Is Interesting About Online Chess?

The game of chess requires one to be smart and to have a good knowledge of the game in a physical state. While the online version is adaptable enough and provides an opportunity to the players who are starting their journey into becoming chess players. There are more avenues for a player to experience in an online game and not only that, the players can have a real shot at earning prizes by playing real cash chess games online. To better understand the advantages we have listed some of the reasons below on how online chess is interesting to play.

1. Play at Your Own Convenience

Time and again, online games have proven to be a better gateway for gamers to make the most of their free time and it’s no different while playing chess with friends online. It does not matter if you are on a short break, Travelling, Bored, looking for fun, or trying to be productive in your spare time. The online game of chess is a perfect way to make proper use of your time. You can play from the comfort of your home or you can be travelling via train and still match up against players online.

2. You Can Earn Real Cash

Now one would need a huge number of players and big organizers in order to earn real cash in an offline game of chess. In contrast to that, players playing online on platforms like PlayerzPot can choose from the pots they feel comfortable with and have a real shot at earning cash prizes. Here the players are not concerned about waiting for the players as they come in thick and fast.

3. Free To Play

Many online platforms offer the players to play for free and participate in tournaments with a big prize pool. Not only that playing without fear of losing their own money, but the players can also freely practice and craft the skill of playing the game of chess online. If the players are not comfortable playing against real opponents, AI-generated players are available round the clock for players to test and polish their chess skills.

4. Perfect Space for New Players

It is difficult to find players in the first place in offline gaming mode where the players can teach others the basics and go about the game. Things are structured and planned according to the needs of the gamers online, here in online chess players can start from scratch without needing a person sitting beside them to guide their gameplay. Not only this helps them build confidence but in the process, they learn more and more about the game with regular practice which eventually helps them to win the games.
However, despite the ease of playing online chess, one cannot shy away from the fact that the game is a tough one to play and requires strategic plays and smart moves to get the better of your opponents. The seasoned players will always have an upper hand over the amateurs and this does put the new players in a rough spot especially in winning the games where the money is at stake.
One needs to develop a good knowledge of the game and regular practice to get better at it, there is no short-term secrete that can shoot you to overnight success and defeat the players online in chess. However, there are a few pointers that can help you progress in the game and can come in handy to get better of your opponents.

Tips That Can Help You Win an Online Chess Game

  • Know the pieces of the chess well and keep on learning new moves this will help you in the longer run.
  • Always open with a pawn, the function of the pawn is the sacrifice itself for the greater good of the troops, so do not keep the pawn on hold and release them quickly into the action so that they can take the early hittings.
  • Get the Knights and the Bishops out as these are the most potent attackers and keeping them reserved on the board won’t help you win any games.
  • Keep an eye out in the back of your board as well. Don't get too focused on attacking that you lose the track of your defences which in turn can be exploited by the opponent's pieces.
  • Lose the pieces wisely, upon encountering and clashing with your rival in the game you are bound to lose some of your pieces but you can play it smart. Make use of the point system and then determine on which of the following pieces you are willing the let go of. Queen - 9 points, Rook - 5 points, Bishop - 3 points, Knight - 3 points, and Pawn - 1 point. This points structure can be different across the online platforms that offer online chess game.
  • Do not be in a hurry and make rushed choices. This is the most rookie mistake one makes while playing chess. One needs to carefully plan and execute their gameplay instead of rushing into things. Patience thinking is key to successfully winning a chess game.
  • Pawn for the win, do not forget the pawn can get you a revival of one of the fallen soldiers. Be it the Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop if the pawn reaches the final square of the board of the opposition then you can summon these pieces back in the play.
Well, the secrete is out along with a few pointers that can help you excel at winning an online chess game. PlayerzPot does offer a platform that is secured and full of entertainment. You can download and play chess board game online through the PlayerzPot app. The application is available to download on Andoird and IOS devices, so wait no more and dive into the experience of online gaming and enjoy the thrill of playing chess online on PlayerzPot, India Ka Naya Maidan.

How To Play Chess?

Firstly, you will need to download and install the PlayerzPot app. Once you are done with your registration and sign-up you can select on games and tap on Chess. You will come across a number of options from the pots to select from. Select on the pots of your choice and you will be entering into the game against an opponent.
Depending upon the pot the players will have 5-10 minutes to play. Each player will be given their turn. The white team will play first, followed by the Black. At a time you will be allowed to move only one of your soldiers on the board. Depending upon the movements of the different pieces you can move them across the board of the chess.
Try to get the best out of your pieces on board and strike early. Only a checkmate on your opponent crowns you as the winner of the game. In case the game is restricted to a tie, the prize money in such cases will be distributed equally. Safeguard your king while at the same time going on the offensive to target oppositions king, this is the only way you can have results in your favour.



Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chequered board with 64 squares arranged in a 8x8 grid. Each player begins with 16 pieces and the objective is to checkmate the opponent’s King.


Time allotted to a player is 5 or 10 mins depending on the pot. The player has to make his moves as fast as possible as the time taken to make each move is deducted from 5 or 10 mins. Player whose time runs out first loses.


Your opponent’s King has to be in Check from every possible move. You can also win when your opponent surrenders or runs out of allotted time before you.


If any player remains disconnected for more than 2 minutes, the other player wins the game by default.


Please follow these simple steps & be the champion!
1. Register / Log-in to PlayerzPot.
2. Click on the “Games” Section on Top left corner.
3. Choose Chess.
4. Pick the pot you wish to join & confirm.
5. Now enjoy the game.


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