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Fantasy Chess is a fusion of primeval Chess and miniatures or role-playing game system wherever you'll co-occupy squares and use dice to work out catch outcomes. This allows everyone to contend by making a virtual team in chess tournaments. A Fantasy Sport Game for all the chess enthusiasts. Exercise your wisdom and perform your best in fantasy chess. Experience a whole new virtual world of Fantasy Chess.

Develop new strategies and alter previous ones as you experience familiar with chess from a complete special approach.

Traditional King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, Pawn things that move and check the same as ancient chess, but might move through their own ranks, carry things, fight for squares (with dice and data point sheet) and MORE!

So, start off with the basic game to become the Fantasy Chess Champion in the near future!
The game starts on the note of the 1st player moving one of his 8 pawns or knight in front. The same has to be followed for the opponent player.
Checkmating the opponent is one of the ways to secure a win. This happens when the king is under attack or in check and every probable move by the king will also put in check.

Other way to earn a win is when one player resigns the game in effect, considering this act as their surrender.

And the last way is when the time assigned to player has been completely used. Accordingly, the other player left with time (depending on the pot) is announced as the winner on the basis that the user is not been checkmated.
In the combat, whenever a player’s one of the army lands on opponent’s one of the army, the one arriving later holds the right to kill/destroy the already present army sending them to the killed zone where they can’t be revived further.
Chess FAQ’s –

What is Chess?
Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chequered board with 64 squares arranged in a 8x8 grid. Each player begins with 16 pieces and the objective is to checkmate the opponent’s King.
What is the duration of the game?
Time allotted to a player is 5 or 10 mins depending on the pot. The player has to make his moves as fast as possible as the time taken to make each move is deducted from 5 or 10 mins. Player whose time runs out first loses.
How to win Chess?
Your opponent’s King has to be in Check from every possible move. You can also win when your opponent surrenders or runs out of allotted time before you.
What if my internet connection is disconnected?
If any player remains disconnected for more than 2 minutes, the other player wins the game by default.
How to play Chess and win cash daily?
Please follow these simple steps & be the champion!
  • 1 - Register / Log-in to PlayerzPot.
  • 2 – Click on the “Games” Section on Top left corner.
  • 3 – Choose Chess.
  • 4 - Pick the pot you wish to join & confirm.
  • 5 – Now enjoy the game.
Benefits of playing on PlayerzPot
  • 1 - Refer & Earn: Refer your friends and you earn every time your referrals play at PlayerzPot.
  • 2 - Instant Withdrawal: Get your Paytm linked and withdraw in a blink with PlayerzPot's easy withdrawal schemes.
  • 3 - Weekly Task: Assure daily winnings with PlayerzPot's Weekly Task and earn up to Rs. 100 every week.
  • 4 - PlayerzPot offers: PlayerzPot provides you several arrays of offers to win extra prizes, cashback & no commission pots.
  • 5 – Leaderboards: Weekly & Monthly Leaderboard contests to multiply your chances of winning.
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