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Play Most Loved chess Game

Play Most Loved chess Game

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100% Safe and Secure

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The Great chess Experience

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Responsible Gaming

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Best Rewards and VIP Services

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About Chess Game Play Chess Online Fantasy Chess

    Play Chess Online on PlayerzPot

    The game of chess is believed to have been originated in India by the name of chaturanga in the 6th century. The word chaturanga means the four divisions of the military ( infantry, cavalry, elephantary, and chariots). These forms are represented by the pieces in the game of chess as a pawn, knight, bishop, and rook respectively. The game of chaturanga was believed to be a battle-simulation game that rendered the Indian military strategy of the time.
    Soon after the game made its way to Persia and from there on to Europe and other parts of the world. The Chinese back then also had a version of their own which was known as xiangqi, this version of the game was inspired by the Chaturanga which originated in India. The game after gaining popularity in Persia and Arab countries was called by Shatranj. However, there were different sets of rules and different methodologies to play chess in different parts of the world.
    It was in the year 1851 when the first modern chess class tournament was held in London. This started a trend of players playing chess to be crowned as the chess grandmaster by winning the tournament. The FIDE since then organizes and manages major chess tournaments across the world. Much like other famous board games, the game of chess has also made its presence felt online and is now being played by hundreds of chess enthusiasts.

    Understanding the Game of Chess Online Multiplayer

    Play chess board game online 2 players at a time. The board of the game is sized 8x8 with white and black squares placed in an arrangement one after the other. The most interesting part of the game of chess is the use of animals in the form of tokens. The objective of winning the chess game is to defeat the opponent’s king or in a time-limited game securing maximum points in defeating enemies tokens. The game is entirely based upon the pieces so let's further discuss the pieces and their roles in the game of chess.
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How To Play Chess? Chess Real Money Game Download Chess Game

    Firstly, you will need to download and install the PlayerzPot app. Once you are done with your registration and sign-up you can select on games and tap on Chess. You will come across a number of options from the pots to select from. Select on the pots of your choice and you will be entering into the game against an opponent.
    Depending upon the pot each player will have 5/10 minutes to play. Each player will be given their turn. The white team will play first, followed by the Black. Each piece moves in a different way, you can see while selecting the piece. A unique movement pattern has been embodied in the pieces and the green dots on the screen will guide you where the piece can be moved.
    Here’s how you can win at chess online on PlayerzPot
    1. Checkmate - If the players fail to protect their king when given a check the move is said to be checkmate. Hence upon losing the king the game is won by the player who handed the checkmate.
    2. Time Constraint - If either of the players fails to make or complete their move in the given period of time then the player losses the game.
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FAQ Chess App Play Chess & Win Cash


    Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chequered board with 64 squares arranged in a 8x8 grid. Each player begins with 16 pieces and the objective is to checkmate the opponent’s King.


    Your opponent’s King has to be in Check from every possible move. You can also win when your opponent surrenders or runs out of allotted time before you.


    If any player remains disconnected for more than 2 minutes, the other player wins the game by default.


    Please follow these simple steps & be the champion!
    1. Register / Log-in to PlayerzPot.
    2. Click on the “Games” Section on Top left corner.
    3. Choose Chess.
    4. Pick the pot you wish to join & confirm.
    5. Now enjoy the game.


    1. Refer & Earn: Refer your friends and you earn every time your referrals play at PlayerzPot.
    2. Instant Withdrawal:Get your Paytm linked and withdraw in a blink with PlayerzPot's easy withdrawal schemes.
    3. Weekly Task: Assure daily winnings with PlayerzPot's Weekly Task and earn up to Rs. 100 every week.
    4. PlayerzPot offers: PlayerzPot provides you several arrays of offers to win extra prizes, cashback & no commission pots.
    5. Leaderboards: Weekly & Monthly Leaderboard contests to multiply your chances of winning.

    6. Is Playing Online Chess Safe?

    Yes, playing online chess on PlayerzPot is 100% safe and secure.

    7. How To Play Chess With Friends?

    You can invite your friends to play chess online with you on PlayerzPot.

    8. How Many Players Can Play In a Chess game?

    A total of two players can play a game of chess.

    9. How Do You Play Chess Online?

    You can download and install the PlayerzPot app and enjoy playing chess online.
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