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Rummy Types/Variations

Rummy Variations - Top and Popular Rummy Games

Rummy Game is one of the most popular games not just in India but across the world. It is widely accepted as among the most enjoyable games across the globe. There are different versions of the game that are played around the world but the core aspects of the Rummy Game remain the same. The Rummy game is played with two decks of cards, in which the players have to form a set or sequence of cards. To win a Rummy game, a player has to make a valid declaration after grouping 13 cards to form two valid sequences – Pure and Impure.

The Rummy Card Game has evolved into a highly entertaining card game, thanks to the internet and technological advancements. Online Rummy has been setting a benchmark and is shattering all the records of any online game with more players and growth expected in the near future. Since Rummy happens to be one of the most popular across the globe, its multiple variations of the game make it a deal for different groups of people. The game of rummy has different variations that are lesser known to people who are new to this game. It’s important to learn and understand about different variations of rummy games and rummy rules. The popular rummy variations are 13 Rummy, Gin Rummy, 21 Rummy, Contract Rummy, 500 Rummy and Dummy Rummy.

Types of Rummy

1. 13 Rummy

13 Rummy is also called Indian Rummy and is considered to be derived from Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy. It is the most popular rummy variant in India. In this game, 13 cards are dealt to each player on the table. The rule of the game is to make sets and sequences of 13 cards before your opponents. The game also uses a Joker that can be used as a substitute for any card that the player desires. The player who finishes their sets will have to valid declaration to win the game. With this type of Rummy, there are three variations - Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deal Rummy.

  • Points Rummy - In this rummy variant, the players try to create a sequence of cards in valid sets and the first one to make a valid declaration wins the game. Each card will be allotted a fixed number of points and has a pre-decided rupee value. The winner of every round in Points Rummy is declared based on the points they have earned.

  • Pool Rummy - Pool Rummy is similar to points rummy and the game is played until the player accumulates over 101 or 201 points. Every player on the table must pursue to score zero points at the end of every round. The first player who scores points in every deal will eventually win the game. The player who reaches 101 or 201 points will be eliminated from the tournament.

  • Deals Rummy - In this Rummy variant, all the players on the table are given a fixed amount of chips to play with. The player with the maximum number of chips will be declared the winner of the game. At the end of the deals, the losers will have to surrender all their chips to the winner of the game on the basis of their score.

2. Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is another popular variation of the Rummy Game. However, it is slightly different from Indian Rummy and 21 Card Rummy. This is a 2-4 players game and each player on the table will be dealt with 10 cards instead of 13 cards. Gin Rummy is considered one of the simplest forms of the rummy game. In this Rummy game, you have to make melds in order to score more points than your opponents. Any cards in your hand that are unmatched (not in melds) then it called deadwood. In Gin Rummy, your score should be lesser as compared to your opponents to win the game.

3. 21 Card Rummy

The rules and regulations of every rummy game are also applicable to 21 Rummy. However, the difference is that the players are dealt with 21 cards and have to make at least 3 Pure Sequences. 21 Card Rummy can only be played by the Points Rummy method. Like other rummy games, Joker is used as a substitute for any card in order to form an impure sequence. Moreover, in 21 Card Rummy, the player who drops before playing a hand will get a 30-point penalty and the points of the value card are not honoured. Any player who drops after playing will get a 75-point penalty but the points of the value card are honoured.

4. Dummy Rummy

Dummy Rummy is considered one of the easiest and simplest rummy games to understand. In this rummy variant, all the 2s are considered Jokers in addition to four jokers in a standard 2-deck rummy game. The aim of the Dummy Rummy is to discard as many cards as possible in India. When one player discards all the cards from their hand, then other players on the table will have to play the penalty depending on the number of cards they have. The player who successfully discards all 12 cards will win the game. There are several different combinations that one can create with Dummy Rummy.

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PlayerzPot is an amazing platform for Rummy Game as it provides an opportunity to earn exciting cash rewards. PlayerzPot has guaranteed that every player is rendered with a user-friendly and secure platform to play Rummy Game. There are different pots and entry fees to participate in a Rummy contest. In order to enter the rummy tournament or a contest and test your rummy skills, you need to follow the steps given below:

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  5. After selecting the pot of your choice, the game will start once the opponent is ready. Once your opponent is joined, the game will automatically start.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I win in a game of rummy?

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You need to arrange your cards in valid sets or sequences. You have to make sure that there is one pure and impure sequence and have a minimum of one Joker card.

What are the popular rummy games?

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Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, 21 Card Rummy, Gin Rummy and Dummy Rummy are popular rummy games.

How to Join a Rummy Game?

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To join Rummy Game on PlayerzPot you will need to complete the registration. This can be done by using your email address or phone number. After filling up all the details you will be provided with a username and password through which you can enter the PlayerzPot application and enjoy playing your favourite Rummy game.

What is the best card in the rummy game?

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In Rummy Game, cards are categorised from lower to highest ranks. The Royal Cards, including Jack, Queen and King are valued at 10 points. Ace is valued at 1 point and the rest of the cards are based on face value.

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