Carrom needs no introduction, it is a game that has the heart and soul of every Indian, be it a kid or an adult. Everyone is a fan of this famous board game. Owing to the nature of the board game, here a total of 2-4 players can enjoy the entertaining experience of pocketing the pieces. It’s not just the thrill of playing the game but the environment it creates and more importantly a happy space that gamers across the nation have cherished. 

Like every other famous game, carrom has a worldwide audience now with international championships and tournaments providing the platform for talented individuals to make their mark. Ever since the game became globally recognized, there have been some individuals who have shaped the course of the game for the better. Yes, we are talking about the best carrom board game players of all time. In this blog, we will take a look at 5 prominent carrom figures that made a lasting impact on the game. 

Top 5 Carrom Board Players of All Time

Maria Irudayam (India)

Maria Irudayam

Anthony Maria Irudayam is the two-time World Carrom Champion and also holds the prestigious Arjuna Award presented by the Government of India in 1996. Being a school dropout Anthony’s sole focus was carrom and by the age of 17, he joined the local clubs. He made his way into the Indian team that won several tournaments, but his big break was when he clinched the singles World Carrom Championship in 1991. 

He repeated this feat by bagging the title once again in the 1995 World Championship in Colombo. After long stints in international and domestic circuits after the 2000 World Cup, he joined Railways and soon after that, he opened his own coaching club in Chennai. Moreover, he 2020 he was announced as one of the judges by AICF for the Online World Carrom Challenge. 

Nishanta Fernando (Sri Lanka)

Nishanta Fernando

Waduge Dinesh Nishantha Fernando is a Sri Lankan carrom player and former World number one. He notably clinched that World Champ title after defeating Bharathi Dhasan of India in an event in 2012. Doing so Fernando became the first Sri Lankan carrom player to have won the individual title. Apart from his individual pursuit and achievements in domestic and international circuits, he was a key member of the Sri Lanka Carrom team who won the 2016 Carrom World Championship in England, where a total of fifteen nations were competing for the title. 

Chamil Cooray (Sri Lanka)

Chamil Cooray

Chamil Darshana Cooray is a popular carrom player from Sri Lanka. He has been carrying the flag for his country since 2004 and in that period he also bestowed the role of the captain of men’s carrom team of Sri Lanka. In 2012, Cooray was ranked sixth in the men’s single Carrom World Championship, it was the year 2016 when he finally took home the title of World Champion during the Birmingham event in 2016. He is notably the only Sri Lankan carrom player to have won the Swiss World League title. 

Rashi Kumari (India)

Rashi Kumari

Rashi Kumari is considered to be the best international carrom champion. Having made her debut in 1992 as a professional carrom player, she has triumphed at the World Carrom Championship thrice in the years 2012, 2014, and 2015. She was also a part of the Indian Carrom Women’s Team. Rashi has a number of awards to her name, including three consecutive cultural awards from 1995 – 1997 by the Bihar State Sports Department. 

K. Srinivas (India)

K. Srinivas

K. Srinivas is considered one of the greatest carrom players to have ever played the game. Healing from Hyderabad, India he was the national carrom champion and also bagged 4 Carrom World Championships under his belt. His recent triumph was in the Maldives, not only is he a master of the individual game but has a trophy cabinet filled with doubles tournaments as well. He also received an honor for winning the men’s singles National Championship and was felicitated by P. Nirmala, the women’s national carrom champion.

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Carrom is more than just a free-time game as now there has been a growing interest across the globe. With international and national championships at large, more and more talent of the game are now elevating their gameplay and skill which will only boost its popularity. Speaking of popularity, online carrom games have played a major role in a push towards the right direction. More new players are now drawn to the game and learning about it’s potential and growth. 

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