The Carrom board game is associated with our childhood. Playing carrom with friends and family gives us a kind of excitement and joy in itself. The carrom board game originated in India in the 18th century and is famous worldwide in the 21st century. It is a game that allows you to sharpen your strategy and reflexes. You need to think quickly and make and move on your opponent to win. At the same time, knowing how to take a strike increases your chance and helps you score. The competitiveness and victorious feeling of tackling difficult situations give an adrenaline rush to the players. Besides that, it promotes the analytical power of the individuals. Playing carrom has multiple benefits. Therefore, carrom has gone beyond the confinement of home. Today, many clubs arrange carrom tournaments for their members.

Digital gaming platforms have included carrom games for the players to enjoy without any convenience, considering their international acceptance. You can enjoy your time while playing carrom game online with your friends and family even when you are away from them. You can also earn a massive amount while relaxing and sharpening your mind.

Advantages of Playing Online Carrom Games With PlayerzPot

Carrom is an indoor game that needs no introduction, but over the years, it has also earned popularity on digital platforms. Online carrom games allow players to enjoy a game within the comfort of their homes. For many users, competitive gaming is the biggest attraction for carrom games. It makes Playerzpot the favorite gaming application of more than 1 Cr users. Additionally, it is a secure platform that provides you with a superior gaming experience. 

You can also earn cash while relaxing and having fun. It is possibly the best part about playing carrom games online. If you continue practicing carrom, it will sharpen your strategies and improve your game.

You can play multiplayer carrom games and leaderboard matches to secure a top spot. You can win big cash prizes, which you can withdraw immediately through secure channels. Want to have fun with friends? No worries. Invite them to the carrom game using your referral codes and win tempting bonuses and cash prizes. Why choose it over traditional carrom? Online carrom games are easier to play. It is convenient as you can play anytime, anywhere. The excitement of earning cash prizes is an added feature for online carrom games with Playerzpot.

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Safety and Security

For online gaming platforms, one of the major concerns of the players is data leakage. Playerzpot being a user-centric platform offers data security. Hence, the players can concentrate on the game without worry. The gaming platforms collect personal information. It may include a phone number, Permanent Account Number, Bank Account Number, and IFSC Code, which comes under the SPI (Sensitive Personal Information) category. The platform may collect information regarding payment mode, cardholder name, debit card number in encrypted form, expiration date, and similar sensitive information you provide during payment. Playerzpot refrains from collecting any other SPI.

Playerzpot uses the collected information regarding your game participation with the third-party service provider for data analytics which helps us improve your gaming experience. For any other uses, Playerzpot first takes consent from the users. Playerzpot may share your data with affiliates or third parties obeying the legal processes. It helps keep our network and services safe for users and prevents fraudulent activities. The information collected by Playerzpot is saved securely in servers guarded by Firewall. The servers are password protected and accessed when you need to know the user details. The SSL-secured system and payment options of Playerzpot have made this platform a favorite of users.

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5 Tricks and Tips to Win in Online Carrom

If you are a new player playing carrom games and want to see your name on the leaderboard, you need to know your opponent’s attitude and skills. However, when playing carrom online, having a clear idea about the opponent is challenging. Here are some tricks and tips for you that can come in handy when you are playing carrom online –

  • Understand the Game and have the Right Attitude

To win a game, it is a must to develop your strategies. Hence, you need to know about the game, learn the game and come up with better ideas before you start playing. Consistently playing carrom allows you to point out your strengths, and then you can make strategies for winning the game. Playing with the right attitude is essential when you are gaming online. Keeping your cool and using the time to read your opponent will help you figure out your moves efficiently.

  • Side Shot and Middle Shot

A side shot is a widely used trick to pocket the game coins. Players use this shot to get on the safe side; you need to hit the striker to push the game coins in the opposite direction. Thus, making it challenging for the opponent to put the game pieces in the pocket. On the other hand, middle shots are suitable at the start of the game. The game pieces go in two opposite directions. Thus, simultaneously allowing you to put two game pieces in the pocket at the initial stage.

  • Scoring with a Second Hit

For online carrom games, you need a better score to win the game or get a place on the leaderboard. You can stay ahead of your opponent by keeping an eye on second hits. Pocketing two coins at a time can give you a better score. The second hit occurs when another game coin blocks a game coin. You can strategically position your sticker and hit it with full force. You can send two coins to the pocket in a single shot and remove the blocked piece.

  • Changing the Position of the Coins

When it is your turn, you must try to pocket the carrom coins. For that, choose the easy ones, which will surely reach the pockets. Try to look for positions that can send maximum coins to the pocket. Besides aiming to score, you must also try to send your opponent’s coins to a challenging place. You may learn different shots and shooting styles which will be beneficial when you will take a strike. Understanding multiple shot styles will ensure flexibility to use them according to your choice.

  • Using Queen and Penalty

Queen is generally the winning game piece in a game. Therefore, you must try to pocket it. However, refrain from going for it before any other coin because it would be a penalty. A penalty can negatively impact your score on online carrom games. Therefore, you must be aware of the situations that cause compensation. Properly look at the board and check for the best possible shot before you take a strike. Also, make sure to look for penalty conditions before hitting. It will help you to maximize your score and, at the same time, decreases the chance of penalties. You can learn more effective carrom game tips by clicking the link.

How Can You Win A Cash Amount?

You can earn money while playing multiplayer carrom games or Board Games on Playerzpot. To start gaming on Playerzpot, you must download the app through the official website. After you register your mobile number, you will get a download link.

Once you download the game, you can select the games you want. Select the game and download the additional files to play carrom. You will be able to win cash rewards from the pots available, and you can choose one based on your liking. You can add money by clicking on the wallet symbol at the top of the page. Go to the ‘Add Fund’ option, make payments and play the game.

Once your score and ranking are finalized, you can withdraw your winning amount through the Paytm ratification process. If you win a Paid pot, your Playerzpot account will have cash credited automatically. You will receive your withdrawal amount on your registered Paytm number. On Paytm, you can withdraw a minimum of 150 Rs. to a maximum of 15,000 Rs. While in the case of bank withdrawal, the maximum amount is 5000 Rs. You can earn rewards bonuses by referral codes and make infinite referrals.

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Though playing carrom games is easy, it requires some practice for new players. They can develop their tactics and understand the variety of strikes. Your accuracy of choosing direction and speed will also improve if you continue to spend time on your carrom games. You can practice your games to learn more about them which will eventually help you to score better than your opponent and secure a position on the leaderboard. Playerzpot is a secured platform for players who want to revisit the nostalgia of playing carrom with friends and family as a child. Enjoy Carrom games online on Playerzpot and earn cash!

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