Online games are convenient due to the accessibility and ease of playing. One such game is the carrom board game, which has immense popularity because of the associated perks. Tricks are not challenging if you know them. All you need to do is learn to pocket all the assigned pieces. Pocket either all the white or all-black pieces.

Anybody can play carrom online with the help of a smart device to play carrom online without the requirement for any physical equipment. Carrom is also a household game that people of any age can enjoy.

Offline vs. Online Carrom

Unlike Offline carrom, the online game does not require a time commitment from you and your friends. Playing in online mode gives you the flexibility to enjoy the game at any time and from anywhere.

Carrom has always been a great indoor game that people play with a massive wooden board with local players. 

The powder sprinkled on the board makes the pucks glide smoothly, and the changing of positions helps players make a perfect strike reminiscent of the good old carrom days.

But digital transformation has brought it to our fingertips while online games break all barriers of physical unavailability of friends and geographical boundaries. Moreso, they offer a healthy distraction from a boring life and loneliness.

Another reason for the global proliferation of online games is their power to fetch you quick money. Some risks are indeed associated with the domain, but as they say, no risk, no gain. Learning the skills and variations and following the rules can help you win smoothly. 

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6 Most Useful Carrom Hack

1. Playing With The Right Attitude – Get an appropriate mindset to play any game with fun and relaxation. A positive attitude helps people to win in the end. While playing online games, never let your emotions interfere with the game, and keep a good balance between online gaming and your daily life.

2. Practicing Different Striking Styles – Use your middle finger and thumb, upright-long fingerstyle, index finger, index fingerstyle, thumbshot, and thumb style for this.

3. Practicing Accurate Speed – You should have appropriate speed and power for potting the carrom men while playing an online carrom game. Carrom men should enter the intended pocket with enough speed and force. Remember, coins do not reach the pocket if you do not insert enough force and speed, even when it is an easy shot. However, applying more than the required force can cause the carrom men to rebound.

4. Getting the Right Direction to Strike – Maintaining directional accuracy is critical for potting the carrom men while playing carrom. To illustrate, you should provide additional force to make a precise cut shot. If you practice cutting angles to pot the carrom men, you must direct the striker in the proper direction. Check the position of the board, pockets, the carrom men who can block the target coin, and the baselines of the boundaries.

5. Positioning Yourself Comfortably – Before you start playing, measure the distance between you and the carrom board that is comfortable for you to strike. Remember, balancing takes precedence. Staying calm and composed is crucial while playing. Let go of all tension to can fully concentrate on the games. Be cautious so that your physical distress does not ruin your accomplishment.

6. Giving Due Importance to the Queen – Giving proper importance to the Queen is significant while playing online carrom games. Remember, the Queen is marked with a unique colour and yields more points than the regular coins. If you don’t hide the Queen, continue the turns and place it in the middle of the board.

Relevant Tricks To Be An Ace Player

To win against your opponents, you should know the best carrom board tips and incorporate them into your game. Apply

  • Side shot
  • Middle shot
  • Cut and take
  • Thumb hot
  • Alley-oop
  • Second hit
  • Board shot
  • Cut shot

These striking techniques for carrom board download help you make an efficient break shot and pot the carrom men.

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Conclusion: Let’s Delve into the Final Thoughts

Online carrom can rekindle your childhood memories by offering a similar traditional carrom board game experience with extra benefits. The ambience and feeling of playing a live match with family and friends are undoubtedly valuable; however, the perks of online playing are higher. 

Follow the same internationally recognized rules here, with a limited time for each strike. The game is fast-paced, and you don’t have to spend long hours. So, refresh your experience of the offline board game by playing online against your pals. Download carrom board app and start playing today, and start earning, too, with the safety of PlayerzPot. Redefine your gaming experience while you play carrom online with gamers worldwide.

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