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Game Rules

Regular Carrom

In regular carrom between 2 players, one player is assigned white coins and the other is assigned black coins. To win the game, a player must pocket all his assigned color coins. Pocketing the queen is not mandatory to win, but the queen should not be present on the board to finish the game and the declaration of the winners.

Freestyle Carrom

In freestyle carrom, a player is allowed to hit whichever coin he wants to hit. The white coin has 20 points, black 10, and queen 50 points. It is necessary to pot a coin after pocketing a queen. To win a player has to accumulate certain points.

Speed Carrom

It is a new live ops update for the existing carrom game. In this new update we are introducing a game mode called speed carrom for the user, to attract more users towards carrom games. On an average 3 min of time per user to play.

Game Rules

  • Normal carrom rules are applicable.
  • Total timer will be 3 min per user.
  • When users turn is there the timer will get triggered.
  • There will be no turn switch timer for it.
  • If user quits the game the other player will be declared as winner.
  • If a user kills the app then the timer will be running in the background and if the timer ends the other user will win the game.
  • If the user played the shot and the user's net got disconnected then the current carrom game rule of turn will be applicable.
  • If both users will minimize the app the timer will be running in the background and when the timer ends the user will see the result screen.
  • The score will not be calculated in this version.
  • The user can resume his game after he kills the app but timer will active in background.
  • If the timer ends of one user the other user will be declared as a winner.
  • If one user finishes the bord before another user within the time that user will be declared as winner.
  • It is a timer based game mode.
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