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Easy Guide To Play Ludo Online

Ludo is the most fun-loving board game ever to exist. Everyone one of us has played the game of Ludo at least once in our life. The game is believed to have originated in India and over the years it has transcended onto a better version. The game of Ludo, as we know, is now enjoyed online. In order to play an online ludo game you just need a trusted Ludo gaming app and Playerzpot rightly is the place to enjoy the game. The motive here is simple to get all your tokens inside the home in the middle of the board before your opponents.

Steps to Play Ludo Game

Players have to follow a set of rules while playing ludo, here is a step-by-step process on how these rules play their part in the game.

1. Place Your Tokens on Starting Point:

  • The players are assigned a launch pad with a designated colour, all four tokens are placed inside the launch area.
  • Only a roll of six on the dice will see the token move across the boxes on the board. The game is played between 2-4 players at a time.

2. Start Rolling the Dice:

  • As mentioned above, only a roll of six will allow one of your tokens to come into play.
  • Every time the player rolls the dice, the same number that appears on the dice will be allowed to move on board. For example, if the dice get three, the token will move three squares on the board.

3. Gameplay:

  • Every player will get their turn to play in a clockwise direction. If the token lands on the same box where the opponent's token is placed, the same can be eliminated and that token has to start the journey all over again.
  • Each player needs to eliminate one of the tokens to safely reach the home.
  • Players can only move the number of boxes that appear on the roll of the dice.
  • Plan and Strategize to eliminate the tokens and at the same time carve a safe passage for your tokens to home.

4. Make the Most of Defenses:

  • The star-marked squares on the board represent a safe spot where the token cannot be eliminated.
  • The first square box outside the launch area and four more squares are marked as a safe spots for the tokens.

5. Reach the Home Square:

  • Once you have successfully completed the round across the board with all your tokens provided you have eliminated one opponent’s token you can enter the safe home.
  • But before entering the home you have to complete further six squares and you need an exact number of the roll of the dice as per the requirement. For example, a player needs two to reach the safe zone but with the dice rolls 3, 4, 5, and 6 the move cannot be made as 2 and 1 is the only moveable option.

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Ludo Game Rules


Ludo is played between 2 or 4 players.

The Game Starts When:

  • A player rolls the dice and gets a 6.
  • Upon getting a 6 the player can move the first token from BASE to the board.


  • The player gets 30 secs to roll the dice & make a move.
  • In case they fail to do so, they lose their turn.
  • Upon missing 3 turns, the game ends for the player.
  • There are multiple secured spots marked on the board.
  • A players' token can't be killed if it's in the secured spot.

Bonus Rolls:

  • When the player rolls a 6.
  • When the player kills an opponent's token.
  • When any of the tokens reaches the 'Home' block.

A Player Wins When:

  • They move all 4 tokens into the Home Triangle.
  • In case of a tie, prize money will be equally distributed.

Pachisi Gameplay:-

Pachisi gameplay is almost similar to the traditional LUDO play but here -
  • You don't need a 6 to start the game. The game starts with two tokens in the Base and two on the Start Position block.
  • You can also see the current as well as the next two dice numbers so that you can plan your next moves accordingly.
  • Player token must kill at least an opponent's token before entering the Home Path.
  • First user to reach at least 2 tokens onto HOME will be declared as the winner.
  • You get a bonus turn on rolling a 6 on the dice.
  • If a player doesn't move the token in the given time, then they lose a life.
  • Upon losing 3 lives, the game ends for the player.
  • If no move is possible, the turn passes onto the next player and no life is deducted in such a scenario.


  • Quitting/killing the app OR Leaving the game will be considered as forfeit and no price or refund will be provided for the same.
  • In case of internet connectivity problems or app crashes, players can reopen the app and reconnect to the same game session if active.

Rules on Dismissal (RoD):

In case of dismissal, the maximum number of tokens in the final place should be declared as the winner and the next player as the second winner (if its a 2 winners pot) If there is no token in the final spot of any user then the last move of each user shall be taken as last activity further whoever was recently active should be offered the higher position. In case of a tie, prize money will be equally distributed.

FAQ's of How to Play Ludo

Q1. How to play Ludo with your family and friends?

Ans: You can enjoy playing Ludo with family and friends by inviting them to Playerzpot. Using the Refer & Earn program you can also win exciting cash rewards and bonus.

Q2. How do you play Ludo and win?

Ans: You can enjoy the best ludo gaming experience by downloading the Playerzpot gaming app. Participating in the cash ludo games and contest you can win real money making the most of your ludo skills.

Q3. What is the objective of Ludo game?

Ans: The objective of the Ludo game is to get all four tokens across the board, eliminate the opposition tokens and put them inside the home square. The player who first manages to put all four tokens inside the home square is crowned the winner.

Q4. How many sixes are allowed in Ludo?

Ans: The players are allowed to roll two back-to-back sixes on the dice, the third time a player rolls sixes, the turn is then forwarded to the next player.

Q5. Ludo rules for killing?

Ans: In order to eliminate an opponent token your token has to land on the exact same square with the roll of the dice. Once eliminated, the token has to start the journey all over again from the launch area.
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