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Welcome to this exciting game of sheep fight. Both players have 100 grass points at the beginning of the game. Both the player will be having their sheep regenerating within the same time period. lf any players sheep cross to the opponents side then the sheep eats a certain quantity of the grass from the grass points. The player to reach 0(zero) grass point first is the loser.

Type of the sheep :-

There are 5 types of sheep their weight and grass appetite are as follows.

sheep fight 10 KG -7Spoon
sheep fight 20 KG -5Spoon
sheep fight 40 KG -3Spoon
sheep fight 60 KG -2Spoon
sheep fight 80 KG -1Spoon

Number of Participants :-

This game at any given point is played only between 2 players.

Note :-

  • The weight of a sheep also matters in the game so do have a look on the sheep table.
  • Players need to have a good Internet connection to play the game without any issues.
  • Sheep generation is on a random basis, at times both the player may have different sheep regenerated.
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