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Sheep Fight Online

Easy Guide To Play Sheep Fight Game

The Sheep Fight game is an online skill-based game with an interactive and competitive gameplay experience that keeps the players entertained. The main objective of the game is to reduce the grass points of your opposition by releasing your sheep through any of the five lanes of grass. The player who manages to reduce the opposition's score by zero is credited with the win. Sheep Fight game is the best arcade game on Playerzpot. When it comes to rewards and cash prizes so enjoy playing your favourite games only on Playerzpot.

Steps to Play Sheep Fight Game

1. Download the Sheep Fight App:

  • In order to enjoy the best Sheep Fight gaming experience, you need to download the Playerzpot gaming app.
  • iOS users can directly download the app from the App Store, while Android users can download the app via apk link from the website or by registering their mobile number.

2. Sign Up:

  • Now that you have successfully downloaded the Playerzpot app, make sure you fill in all the necessary details and complete the sign-up process.
  • Make sure you complete the KYC process and complete setting up your unique profile.

3. Select Your Pot:

  • Now that you have successfully downloaded the app and completed the registration process you can now dive into the real fun of the sheep fight game.
  • Tap the games section from the app, and select the sheep fight game.
  • Here you will have different pots to choose from, different pots have varied entry fees and winnings.
  • You will have the option to choose free pots and also cash games were the competition is tough.

4. Gameplay:

  • Now that you have joined your preferred game you will be quickly moved on to the matchmaking lobby where you will be matched with the opponent.
  • The game starts with a countdown and you will have to release the sheep across the lanes, simultaneously the opposition will do the same.
  • The toggle on the left hand of the screen will help you see the type of sheep that are coming next, at a time only a single sheep can be released on a tap.
  • Make sure more and more of your sheep cross the opposition’s home line and eat the grass point out of 100.
  • The player who successfully manages to reduce the grass point of 100 to 0 of the respective opposition is crowned the winner.

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Sheep Fight Game Pot Joining Guide


Select Sheep Fight

Choose your favourite game that you want to play

Select Pots

Choose between different pots and compete

Waiting To Join

The game will start once the opponent is ready

Get Started

It's time to start playing your favourite game

Video Tutorial

Sheep Fight Game Rules

  • This game is played between 2 players.
  • Both players have 100 grass points to defend.
  • There are 5 different types of sheep based on different weight type which consists of different grass appetite.
  • The weight of the sheep matters a lot.
  • If a players sheep cross to the opposite side then the sheep eats a certain amount of grass based on the cumulative grass appetite of the number of sheep crossed the side.
  • Sheep are regenerating and are generated on a random basis, at times both players may have different sheep regenerated.

FAQ's of How to Play Sheep Fight Game

Q1. How to play the Sheep Fight game online?

Ans: Playerzpot Sheep Fight game offers the best cash and free sheep fight games online, so download the Playerzpot gaming app and join the sheep fight adventure.

Q2. How to win a Sheep Fight game?

Ans: To win a Sheep Fight game, launch the sheeps across the lanes and reduce the opponent’s grass score from 100 to 0.

Q3. What are the rules of the Sheep Fight game?

Ans: The game is played between two players who are awarded 100 grass points each. Both players have to defend their grass points. Sheep are generated at random and they are of different size. In total, there are 5 different sizes of sheeps in the game and all of them have different points deductions.
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