Sheep fight has turned into a fan favourite game in a short span of time. Honestly, there’s nothing much to do in this game with two players facing each other with an aim to reduce the points of the opponents in ensuring their win. But a simple-looking game at times leaves many frustrated after having a losing streak against the opponents in multiplayer mode. Trust me there is no worst feeling than losing back to back games online.

First, let us understand what is this game all about? How does it function? And what is it like to play sheep fight game online? So there are five lanes stacked which represent a grazing farm and once the timer of the game goes on the player releases their sheep in any one of the lanes. So, as soon as your sheep crosses the opponents finish line his/her points are deducted out of 100. The quicker the player deducted the opponent’s points higher are the chances of winning.

So what is the fuss all about? The thing is both the players simultaneously can release their sheep which results in one being slow and the other opponent being proactive launches multiple sheep in one lane. In order to counter the move the player losing the sheep fight tries to release the sheep in a different lane which again is countered well by the opponent.

So, it seems like once the player has an edge over his opponent the game is all but done. Although, there are ways in which one can counter this and come out victorious but that again requires well-planned tactics. Fear, not those tactics are penned down below which will help the player in certainly getting the win in their next sheep fight online.

First things first, try to be proactive. The player who makes the first move does have an edge as they can then counter the opponent’s move. Look for a lane where the sheep has not to be released and be quick in releasing one. This will then divert the opponent’s attention in countering your move. In doing so this put doubt in the opponent’s mind on what will be your next move and keep the player occupied.

The other move the players can try is to focus on not more than two lanes. What one needs to do is keep on releasing the sheep in those already chosen lanes. This puts doubt in the opponent’s minds on whether you may be switching to other lanes but while you keep at it even if there’s a tussle between your sheep and the opponents you being concentrated on those two lanes will push your opponent back thus deducting his/her points in doing so.

Another trick you can apply to the game is to look out for the upcoming sheep that are about to regenerate. There are sheep of different sizes, the smaller ones are quick and can inflict higher damager 7 points, while the heavy ones despite their huge size only inflict a single point on the opponent. So, it’s in your interest to release the sheep accordingly as they are the determining factor in you winning the game.

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