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Welcome to the modern-day exciting game of Sheep Fight. Each Player will have one hundred grass points at the start of the sport. Both the player will be having their sheep regenerating within the same time period. If any players sheep cross to the opponent side then the sheep eats a precise amount of grass from the grass points. The player to attain 0(zero) grass point first is the loser.

Type of the sheep:

There are 5 types of sheep their weight and grass appetite are as follows.

Number of Participants:

This game at any given point is played only between 2 players.


The weight of the sheep also matters within the game so do have a glance on the sheep table.

Players got to have a decent internet connection to play the sport with none problems.

Sheep generation is on random basis, sometimes each the player could have totally different sheep regenerated.

Sheep Fight FAQ’s –

What is Sheep Fight?

Sheep Fight is an exciting new game in which you have to save your farm & destroy your opponent’s farm by clever placement of sheep.

How to save my farm from being destroyed?

As the sheep is generated, place yours in a manner that your opponent does not overpower you and reach your farm. For every sheep that crosses, a certain quantity of grass gets eaten.

Why is my opponent getting different sheep than me?

There are 5 different kind of sheep each with different weight (10 Kg, 20 Kg, 40 Kg, 60 Kg, 80 Kg). Sheep generation is on a random basis, at both times both the player may have different sheep generated.

How do the different kinds of sheep affect the game?

The smaller the sheep, the higher their appetite to eat grass & afflict more damage. For e.g., 80 Kg sheep will eat only 1-point worth of grass but a 10 Kg sheep will eat 7-point worth of grass.

How to play Sheep Fight and win cash daily?

Please follow these simple steps & be the champion!
  • 1 - Register / Log-in to PlayerzPot.
  • 2 – Click on the “Games” Section on Top left corner.
  • 3 – Choose Sheep Fight.
  • 4 - Pick the pot you wish to join & confirm.
  • 5 – Now enjoy the game.

Benefits of playing on PlayerzPot

  • 1 - Refer & Earn: Refer your friends and you earn every time your referrals play at PlayerzPot.
  • 2 - Instant Withdrawal: Get your Paytm linked and withdraw in a blink with PlayerzPot's easy withdrawal schemes.
  • 3 - Weekly Task: Assure daily winnings with PlayerzPot's Weekly Task and earn up to Rs. 100 every week.
  • 4 - PlayerzPot offers: PlayerzPot provides you several arrays of offers to win extra prizes, cashback & no commission pots.
  • 5 – Leaderboards: Weekly & Monthly Leaderboard contests to multiply your chances of winning.
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